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What is a Synod of Bishops?
What is a Synod of Bishops?
Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment
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Pope Francis - Paul VI Hall - Meeting with young people 2018-10-06
Pope Francis - Paul VI Hall - Meeting with young people 2018-10-06

Web serie for the Synod 2018 . chapter I
Web series for the Synod 2018 . chapter I

"What makes you happy?" "What is family for you?" "Who is God for you?"...  These are some of the questions that the Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops has addressed to the young people of the world in preparation for the Synod of Bishops that  focuses on young people and vocation. A series of videos has been made of young people answering these vital questions.
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Young Catholics and the Synod: Statement by Global Youth Movements
Over the past two years, theologians have been involved in an international research project  to study and engage best practices in student and young adult apostolates . Find out more.
Rediscovering dialogue between the generations: Synod 2018
In relating to the Church, young people want to be protagonists, starting with their own originality and the particular characteristics of the culture they bear. Discover more.

"Fearless Discernment" Forum

Norfolk County Catholic Young Adults will meet at the Xaverian Missionaries' Fatima Shrine, Holliston MA, USA, on Saturday, October 27, 2018 to discuss:
"Fearless Discernment": embracing a true willingness, openness, and commitment to listen and obey God's will.
"Purpose, Meaning and... Success?" :  Are we living each day fulfilling our "purpose" to know God and to love God, or are we striving for the "success" that the world tells us to pursue?
"Mainstream Missionary": Strategy-sharing of ways to evangelize our baptized brothers & sisters who have fallen away from the church.  Contact Fr. Rocco Puopolo SX for more information. Download the flier here.
World Mission Sunday
World Mission Month 2018:

World Mission Sunday, our annual worldwide Eucharistic celebration for the Missions and missionaries of the world, will be on October 22 and is the climax of Mission Month, a time in which we ask schools and parishes to focus more fully on the work of missions and missionaries worldwide. World Mission Sunday is the one Sunday in the year when the Mass is celebrated exclusively for missionary activity. Learn more.

Together with young people, let us bring the Gospel to all
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Together we can build a future of hope.
As our global church comes together on this special day, Missio asks the faithful of England and Wales to 'work together to build a future of hope' in Ethiopia and throughout the world.
October is Mission Month!
it is a time of celebration when churches worldwide come together to support the life-changing work of our fearless missionary brothers and sisters overseas. Access resources at World Missions Ireland.

Ad Limina Visits from the UK


In Thailand, as missionaries, we are committed to the first proclamation of the Gospel, which "introduces humanity into the mystery of the love of God" (RMi 44) and set the person and any human community free. At the moment in Thailand we have two communities: one in the north-west of the country, in a multi-tribal context close to the border with Myanmar; the other in Bangkok, "inserted" in a poor area and "mixed" with lay people. Both the communities are open to welcome volunteers, both Thai and foreigners, involving them in our community dynamics and considering them both as a help and a challenge for our missionary lifestyle. Learn more.
 YCW Survey: Work and Mental Health

Young Christian Workers - launched a national consultation on Young People and Mental Health. As well as a general survey on mental health issues, we also wanted to ask about the reality of young people's mental health in relation to work. Learn more.
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