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Saturdays, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
On the Riverfront at Scott Park
128 Larry Holmes Drive, Easton, PA

Free Parking - Rain or Shine - EBT Accepted

Find us at Scott Park on Larry Holmes Drive from 9am-1pm | FREE PARKING IN MARKET LOTS
MASKS REQUIRED as Mandated by PA Dept. of Health

Cooking with the Seasons
Blueberry Cucumber Salad
From How Sweet Eats
This salad really celebrates summer - with the cool, refreshing crunch of cucumbers and the sweetness of blueberries. (Blueberries are extra sweet this year thanks to all the heat.)
As the recipe says, "Thinly sliced scallions add a nice bite without being too onion-y and
Parmesan cheese, because cheese is liiiife."

You'll find blueberries at Phillips Farm
and Cucumbers and Scallions at all our farmer tents. Enjoy!

Grown with Love
Fresh Produce, Plants & Flowers
Twin Maple Farms
Hello Sweet Corn!
Guess who’s returning to the market this week... Twin Maple Farms! That means a bounty of bi-color sweet corn (gmo-free) and those famous Twin Maple potatoes! Look for them next to Breakaway Farms!
Salvaterra's Gardens
Lots of specials this Saturday at Salvaterra's! 
Lettuce mix and arugula on sale this week 1 bag for $3 and 2 for $5.
All cooking greens: 1 bunch for $3 and 2 for $5.

5lb. bags of cucumbers and zucchini on sale for $5

Basil 1 bunch for $3 and 2 for $5. Those interested in making pesto can get 3 bunches for $6!

All heads of lettuce will also be on sale for 2 for $5.

Preorder at:
Cabbage Throw Farm
First Heirlooms
Hello heat wave! Come say hi to Cabbage Throw Farm and their first batch of Jersey heirloom tomatoes! It has been hard to be patient waiting for the tomatoes to start to blush with color so supplies will be limited. Other summer fruits including cucumbers, squash and eggplant will also be available. Some fun new surprises along with the usual suspects will also make an appearance, including basil, kale, rainbow chard, dandelion greens and more.

Pre-order at:
Holy Cow Farm
Spread some love with fresh flowers...
Did you spot these fun silvery blue echinops flowers at Holy Cow flower stand last weekend? These spiky perennial blooms are long lasting and add such a fun texture to bouquets. They'll have these as well as lots of other bright summer blooms waiting for you this Saturday. Brighten your day and your home with these farm fresh blooms!

Pre-order here:
Scholl Orchards
Just Peachy!
Nectarines arrive this week along with the first honeydew and cantaloupe. Peach season is in full swing! Folks are raving about the sweetness of Scholl's yellow and white clingstone peaches. Oh, and those sugar plums... ! Granny Smith apples are the only variety of apple available now. But the veggie list is really growing! Look for tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas, cukes eggplant are in and so are eggplant, peppers, onions and more!.
Phillips Farms
Melon Mania!
It’s time for MELONS! To help you cool off in this summer heat, quench your thirst with juicy Cantaloupe and Watermelon, freshly picked at Phillips Farms everyday. Or mix up your own fruit salad with the addition of Phillips’ own Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Blueberries, Currants and Blackberries. The Early Season red raspberries are just about finished, but the delicious Late Season varieties are only a week or two away.

Produce available this week: field-grown beefsteak tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, eggplant, green beans, zucchini, cucumbers, squash blossoms, spring onions, garlic, garlic scapes, radishes, beets, leeks, carrots, cauliflower, fennel, lettuce, kale, swiss chard, bok choy, basil, fresh herbs and so much more.

Credit cards accepted. Online ordering available at Choose Easton Farmers Market as your pickup location. $20 minimum order requested.
The Backyard Growers
From Perennials to Produce
This week's flowers include Black-eyed Susan (common annual and true perennial), Day Lilies, Dianthus, Penstemon, Denver Daisy, Salvia (perennial Blue Queen}, and Coneflower. Herb offerings are common mint, Greek oregano, and sweet basil. Produce: string beans, cucumbers, red beets and some blueberries.
Primordia Mushroom Farm - Mushroom Musings with Jesse
We keep plugging away at new improvements on the farm. This week we got a new grow room that will be dedicated to White Trumpet and Lion's Mane. This will give us much more grow space for Maitake, Pioppino, and experimental varieties.

Speaking of Lion's Mane- We have so much! It just keeps coming! So They are once again on sale this weekend for $12/lb., and I will give you a fresh recipe (see below :)

As per usual, orders are not required, but are welcome. If you prefer to pre-order, and pre-pay, please make sure to have your orders in by midnight Thursday night, so that we are able to pack them Friday.

Pan Seared Lion's Mane "Steaks"

1-2 large (6inch plus diameter) firm Lion's Mane Mushrooms
3 Tbsp butter
salt and pepper to taste

zest of one lemon
juice of one lemon
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 stick butter
2 TBS flour (GF is fine)
1/4 cup cream

Cut lion's mane mushrooms into 1/2 inch thick slices. Heat skillet (preferrably seasoned cast iron). Place lion's mane rounds onto the skillet and allow excess water to cook off, make sure to cook evenly on both sides. As the rounds begin to brown and liquid is gone, sprinkle a small amount of salt and some coarse ground pepper over the "steaks". Add butter and let the "steaks" crisp up a bit.

In a separate saucepan, melt butter and add garlic, lemon zest, and juice. Whisk in the flour and allow to thicken. Whisk in cream And then drizzle cream sauce over "steaks" on the plate. Delish!
From the Creamery
Cheese,Yogurt & Butter
Market Pro Tip: Pre-order your cheese and yogurt online and bring an insulated bag to keep it cold!
Haven Farmstead Table
Pre-order a Mini Cheeseboard
"A new batch of Camembert is ready! Enjoy now, or let ripen in your fridge for a softer and stronger experience. Grab some cow’s milk Feta this week to pair with all the in-season fruits and veggies. Pre-order Tip: It's hard to bring all varieties of our ripened cheese to market every week. But, you can pre-order a “Mini Cheese Board“ and we’ll curate a small mix of products for you!"

Pre-Order here:
Raspberry Ridge Sheep Creamery
Ricotta is Back!
Rob is featuring Camelbah this week. Camelbah is a sheep milk camembert-style cheese that is soft in the center with a bloomy white rind on the outside.
They'll also have fresh sheep ricotta and ricotta firma, a mild and creamy cheese. The Firma can be grilled to be enjoyed on a weekend picnic. They'l also bring yogurt (great with fresh peaches or black berries from Philllips Farm) and a few other sheep milk goodies.

From the Pasture
Meat, Eggs (and More)
Breakaway Farms
A Message from Team Breakaway
We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude! We want to thank each & every one of you for your love & support. Your choice to shop local has been our ticket to survival during these difficult times & we are honored to be your farmers! Thank you for entrusting us as your source of safe, clean meats! We hope you’ll join us at market again this week for your grass fed, pastured favorites!
We’ll have grass-fed steaks, specialty burgers, featured sausages, bacons, pork, chicken, turkey, & more!

With all of our love & gratitude ~ Team Breakaway

Preorder online: and order by 1pm on Friday!
Savory Specialties
Little Miss Korea
Market Eats & Grab and Go
This week Lobynn is featuring a roasted mushroom noodle salad, using Primordia’s shiitake & golden oyster mushrooms. It's seasoned with garlic, scallions, ginger, and tossed with homemade mild chili sauce. YUM!

Cold spicy noodles will also be on special this week-- which features Somyun (cold Korean thin noodles) gochujang sauce, fresh mung bean sprouts, kimchi, and cabbage.

Ready to eat foods: 
-pork dumplings 
-shrimp & broccoli dumplings 
-Kimchi Hotdogs- Ironstone Creamery's beef & pork hotdog, gochujang aioli, caramelized Kimchi, scallions & sesame seeds.

-sweet filled pancake- hotteok- roasted almonds, sesame seeds, honey (stagecoach), brown sugar & cinnamon (Available until 11am)
Farmstand Recipes
A Delicious Collaboration between the Highmark Farmstand and the Easton Public Market Kitchen
'Farmstand Recipes' made their 2020 debut last Saturday and Chef Scott sold through almost everything on the table! But he's been busy cooking, canning and freezing all week. Look for more small batch canned goods, your favorite signature salads, and way more Vietnamese spring rolls, taco mushrooms, and some surprises!
Just Baked
Flour Shop Bakery
Local Ingredients = Better Baked Goods
What can we say? It's all soooo good! From savory crostini to scrumptious sticky buns and fresh-baked bread. Line up for your favorite. Oh, and some delicious options for those who prefer gluten-free.
PLEASE NOTE: Pie+Tart and Tomblers Bakery are absent from the market this week.
Breakfast & Lunch
at the Market
Sycamore Grill is Now K&S Grill
Crab Cakes are Back!
Ken and Sue are so excited to join us on the riverfront for the first time this weekend! Enjoy a leisurely breakfast before or after you shop... sausage or bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches or those yummy breakfast burritos. Cool off with a fresh squeezed lemonade, and stay for lunch and enjoy a Ken's world-famous crab cake sandwich!
Local Beverages - Fermented | Crafted | Roasted
Fieldstone Coffee Roasters
Preorder your Growlers Online Now!
How fun is this drink? The “Root Bender..” Grade A Taro root, (here Fieldstone goes again with that Hawaiian thing… Taro is a native Hawaiian root often used in cooking on the islands.) They add Coconut, Boba and Coffee. This one is a must have! Nitro Tea, Nitro Coffee, Cold Brew Growler Exchanges, Iced Tea, and plenty of fresh roasted coffee beans will also be available. If you would like to preorder for a faster and contactless check out, visit and use the code: papickup at check out. Using this code will drop the shipping charges. Growlers are now available online for preorders!
Portch Tea (and Pheasant Hill Farm)
Booch & Blooms
The boozy Plum Crazy booch continues this week along with all your faves! But don't forget the flowers... Mel's famous bouquets are back!

Pre-order at:
Tolino Vineyards
This week's menu:

Pinot Grigio $11.99
Chardonnay $19.99
Lillly $14.99
Vidal $11.99
The 050 $11.99
Fuzzy $14.99
Gracie $14.99

Mama's Rose $11.99
Next Generation $11.99
Catawba $11.99

Papa's Red $14.99
Merlot $19.99
Chambourcin $19.99
Cabarnet Franc $24.99
Rad Red $14.99
Sunnyside $11.99
This Week's Guest Vendors
Located in the Park Area near the Larry Holmes Statue
Brady's Botanicals

Help your pet get back to a quality of life! Legitimate Whole Plant Full Spectrum Extract for arthritis, mobility, inflammation, pain and so so so much more. Free consultations always and dosage recommendations. 
“Make US your FIRST choice,
not your LAST resort"
Be Love Succulents

Rhonda has a kitchen theme going on this week... A flour sifter makes a lovely planter and the kitchen scale is worth its weight!! Fun ways to repurpose (and have more succulents)!

How to Get to the Market's FREE Parking Lots:
Since Larry Holmes Drive is closed to traffic during the market hours, you'll need to access the parking lots at Ferry & Second Streets (turn right off of Ferry St., just past the US Post Office), or via Green and Northampton Streets (turn at the Grand Eastonian Hotel). Signs are posted.

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