A Note from Scott and Marsha
January 24, 2019
Last week, our staff spent days at a conference gaining education and insight within our industry. We were inspired with new ideas, earned continuing education hours, and were reminded of many wonderful things. I did leave one class and thought, "Wow. I'm so proud of my man for the direction he has lead our company and so proud of the team of people we work with." Many things I "learned" we could be doing were things we have been doing as a company for years. It was incredibly encouraging. Beyond that, I was really excited for Caroline to attend our conference. She started with us late spring 2018 as a part-time designer. With her experience in design and being an all-around awesome person, she moved full-time to assist in the Garden Center. And she has been amazing! Her attention to details, organization skills, growing knowledge within the retail garden center industry and "go-team" attitude has been incredibly beneficial for us and our customers! I'm so happy to have had a short time working with her in our landscape division. Do you know what I love most about her? She is incredibly talented, and she is like an orchid- reluctant to share its beauty, patient, quiet and reserved, and then bam- the bloom opens and you are like "WOW!". It's like that with Caroline. You're standing there thinking, "Why didn't I ask you sooner?" She is incredibly humble so when you stop in the garden center, go find her. You will love her as much as we do. I know Ann, our Garden Center Manager, does. Caroline has been a huge blessing to her. When I see Caroline next, she will probably shake her head, eyes down and say, "Why did you write that?!" and laugh. And I'll say, "Because you are awesome, and you are going to kill it this spring helping everyone bring green home!" BTW, ask to see her pictures of her new baby niece! She's an aunt of two beautiful girls, and she lights up talking about them! Love you, Caroline.  
We received a new shipment of houseplants just yesterday, so our shelves are stocked with gorgeous greenery ready to go home to you. The peace lily is an excellent choice, especially for those inexperienced with houseplants. Peace lilies "tell" you when they need water by drooping their leaves! And they remove toxins from the air!
Edgeworthia! Although these shrubs loose their long, lovely leaves in the winter, they bloom these gorgeous flowers. The best part, though? The fragrance they emit. It is simply intoxicating. If you thought it was too late to plant, nope! As long as the ground is not frozen (which it's not right now), you are good to go!
If you want bedazzling blooms during the winter months, the Camellia is your best bet. These babies bloom their hearts out from late fall through spring. Why wouldn't you want to add a splash of color in these dreary months? We still have a few varieties to choose from, so come pick out your favorite today!
Our  blog   is updated weekly with posts to educate and help you bring green home. You want to be healthier in 2019, don't you? We share a couple of ways to help you be your best you . Want a houseplant that is easy to care for? Check out this post for some ideas! Our website also has information about all three divisions at FGS:   Garden Center Landscape Design and Installation   and  Lawn Maintenance .
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