The Supported Typing Program was launched at Abilis in February 2019 by Susan Nisinzweig (Coordinator) with the guidance of several Master Trainers in Facilitated Communication. This inspiring and effective method to communicate, does co-exist well with other communication strategies. It offers a powerful way for individuals of all ages, abilities and communication challenges to more clearly express their inner thoughts, ideas and feelings.

We are able to work with and support
  • Individual Families
  • Agencies
  • Schools

It takes time, patience and support to learn to become a good facilitator. To support this process we provide programs and trainings led by Master Trainers for communicators and for the facilitators who want to learn how to support them. Those who criticize this method claim that the facilitator is leading the typer to the letters when in fact the opposite is happening. Facilitators who have been taught correctly know that their role is to give backward resistance to the typer's arm so that they have to push through the resistance and select the letter themself. These photos show different ways that might look.

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