Celebrating 45 years of LCPC Parent Education

We are thrilled to announce that LCPC Parent Education will host its Annual Gala One for the Record on Saturday, March 2, 2024 at the Oakmont Country Club. This night is especially meaningful because we celebrate the legacy of Parent Education as it enters its 45th year!

Since 1978, Parent Education has brought together a community of parents and caregivers;

strengthening families through education, love and support. Our program strives to encourage loving and effective parenting concepts of human development, strategies for building stronger families, and an appreciation for the uniqueness of both parent and child. Over Parent Education’s 45 years the program has experienced continued growth and expanded impact. We now have classes for parents from birth through young adult and even grandparenting!

As is our annual tradition, we tithe back 10% of all net fundraising proceeds to a charity that impacts families and children. This year, the Parent Education Board has chosen The Oasis of Hollywood, a multi-faceted faith based ministry located in the heart of Hollywood, serving the next generation and their families.

To ensure the continued work of Parent Education and its growing impact on our community and

families we graciously ask for your support. We rely on the generosity of patrons like you as tuition alone does not cover our operational costs. Please considering underwriting a portion of this important event. Your gift today will ensure the continued mission of Parent Education benefiting our families, community, and our philanthropic partners. Please submit your pledge by Friday, January 5th, 2024 so we can acknowledge you in our promotional materials. Let’s make this year one for the record!

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The strength of the Parent Ed program relies on the support of those who believe in our mission so that we may continue expanding its impact. We offer generous scholarships so that our classes are never cost prohibitive to anyone. Each year, we dedicate 10% of our gala net proceeds to ministries that bless under-resourced families, and this year we have voted to tithe to Oasis of Hollywood, an outreach to urban children and teens in Hollywood since 1979. Additionally, we generously support individuals and families in need through the Erskine Compassion Memorial.

To accomplish all these endeavors, we rely heavily on fundraising. Our annual fundraiser will be March 2, 2024, and includes an ONLINE AUCTION (February 26 - March 4). We realize members of our community receive many requests, but it is our hope that you have been inspired by the impact your donation can make and you will consider supporting us with a contribution to our online auction.

If you are interested in supporting us with a donation to our auction, please mail or drop off auction items to the LCPC Ministry Hub by February 7th, 2024. The online auction will open for viewing February 14th at 8am and close on March 4th at 11:59pm. Please contact us at lcpc.pe.auction@gmail.com with any questions. For more information or to donate, click below.

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As we celebrate the 45th anniversary of the founding of Parent Education, we are undertaking a visioning project, seeking to understand where the Lord is leading us in this next season of service to families in our community. We are so grateful for you and proud of all we have accomplished together, and we remain optimistic about the future as the vital need for educating parents (and grandparents) continues to be integral to building thriving families.

As we develop our vision for our next season of growth, we recognize it will require more financial resources to achieve, as we strive to maintain the high quality of our classes and programs while offering them for reasonable tuition fees. 

To help achieve both these aims, we're pleased to announce we have established two new investment funds within the Endowment & Special Gift Committee of LCPC. LCPC’s endowment was established in 1992 and now has over $3.5 million professionally managed by the Presbyterian Foundation for the benefit of various LCPC ministries. We have established both an Endowed fund and a Special Gift fund to benefit Parent Ed. The Endowed fund will pay out between 4– 5% of its average balance in support of our annual budget ––in perpetuity! The Special Gift fund will allow the entire amount of any donation, plus investment gains, to be used for Parent Ed purposes as needs be, subject to board approval.

We ask that you begin considering and praying about what Parent Ed has meant to you and your family, and if you would like to join LCPC’s Legacy Circle by pledging to leave a legacy gift (to either our PE Endowment or Special Gift fund) within your estate plans. This is a powerful and straightforward way to help new, and possibly underprivileged, parents enjoy the benefits that you’ve received from Parent Ed, for generations yet to come. Of course, if you would prefer to leave your legacy gift while living, we would be thrilled to accept your donation sooner.

Should you like to learn more about LCPC’s endowment, I can connect you with their leadership for a confidential discussion. Inquiries can be sent to endowment@lacanadapc.org.

We are so thankful to have had a positive impact for thousands of families during the past 45 years, and we look forward with grateful enthusiasm to doing even more for families––for many years to come!

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