Issue No. 242 | December 1, 2022

Strengthening American Capacity for Effective Engagement

俗语 from...Jiang Zemin

This week we break from our regularly scheduled Xi programming to bring you a chengyu from Jiang Zemin.


jí sī guǎng yì

Meaning: draw on collective wisdom, collect the opinions of others

Original: 按照集体领导、民主集中、个别酝酿、会议决定的原则,进一步完善党委内部的议事和决策机制,发挥好党的委员会全体会议的作用,健全党委常委会的决策程序。凡属重大决策,都必须由党委集体讨论,不允许个人说了算。进一步完善集体领导下的个人分工负责制,提高工作效率。集体领导和个人负责,二者不可偏废。通过发展党内民主,积极推动人民民主的发展。


Jiang used this chengyu in his important speech announcing 三个代表 on Dec. 7, 2001. In this section of the speech, Jiang commented on the importance of collective leadership, stating "不允许个人说了算。"

Weekly Reading:


It is worth revisiting the December 7, 2001 speech referenced in the 成语 section. It is interesting to see how many of the challenges are the same, but the tone and emphasis very different from today. Both this speech and recent ones by Xi Jinping talk about the need to maintain the support of the people 人心向背, which is especially interesting in light of the current protests. It is also a crucial speech in terms of ideological development of the party, and is useful to (re)read.


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Program Assistant

AMS Event December 7

After a long pandemic break, AMS in-person events are back!

Join us Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 5pm at the Chinese Embassy for a workshop and discussion, in Chinese, on the topic 双循环.

Recently added to the party constitution, the idea of dual circulation has been around for over two years. Despite its policy importance, it is still not well understood, often dismissed as simply a strategy for China to avoid “geopolitical encirclement” and reduce reliance on the West. For anyone seriously interested in the evolution of China’s development model and future of the Chinese economy, a more nuanced understanding is critical.

During this event, three embassy officials with expertise in economic and finance will explain the concept in more detail, going through key documents, history, and main ideas.



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