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May 9, 2024

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Desert Fence Busters Visits the

Tortolita Preserves

Meet the group that has removed 40+ miles of outdated barbed wire fence throughout our desert in the name of wildlife protection and habitat connectivity!

A recent post on the Tortolita Alliance (TA) website outlines the great work the Desert Fence Busters in conjunction with the Friend of the Ironwood Forest performed on a recent visit to the Tortolita Preserves.

The TA web article points out that Desert Fence Busters volunteers have been instrumental in developing a solution to remove legacy barbed wire throughout large areas of the Sonoran Desert.

They define legacy barbed wire fence as "... fencing that was installed throughout the Sonoran Desert over many years to identify property lines, contain cattle, prevent humans, animals, and off-highway vehicles (OHVs) from entering the land, etc. Much of that barbed wire fence is no longer providing its original intended service. This legacy barbed wire fence is dangerous as it can easily entangle wild animals. Removal of legacy barbed wire fence from property where the fence no longer serves any purpose was a critical objective to improve wildlife connectivity. Removing it not only prevents animals from suffering gruesome deaths, it also improves gene pool mixing. Landscapes are also visually improved by removing decrepit fencing."

Click here to access the Tortolita Alliance Website and learn more about the history and work of the Desert Fence Busters, an amazing group of volunteers making a difference and helping to Keep our Desert and Community Livable and Thriving.

Watershed Management Group

River Run Network Restoration

Tanque Verde

Plant Survey Update

Living Desert Alliance Members joined Watershed Management Group's Tanque Verde Plant Survey on May 2nd.

The group, led by WMG Staff Becky Fitzpatrick, conducted plant surveys as part of WMG's River Run Network Restoration Arundo removal efforts to better understand how these areas will change over time. 


Together, we mapped and collected plant data from seven areas along the creek by applying a method called plant transects. After measuring a 21-foot circle the group identified native and non-native plants within that circle. Special attention was placed on the water-thirsty and fast growing Arundo plant and the overcrowding dangerous Stink Weed.

It was a great opportunity to use plant identification skills and learn about the riparian plants in the desert. This effort helps to collect data that will be used for many years to track the changes and health of the Tanque Verde Creek.

If you are interested in participating in this educational and worthwhile endeavor, click here to find several more scheduled events throughout May. No experience necessary and it's a wonderful way to spend the morning helping our environment while meeting like-minded folks who love and appreciate our beautiful Sonoran Desert.

Santa Cruz River Urban National Wildlife Refuge

Letter of Support Reminder!

You can still help preserve this precious resource by signing on to support the creation of the Santa Cruz Urban National Wildlife Refuge in southern Arizona. Here's a link to our April 25th LDA newsletter outlining the details.

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