The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil ,,,
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." This quote from the 1800's should be a wake up call to American patriots today. If it leaves you listless and uninspired you could be having a medical emergency.

You may not have a voice in Washington because the fake indian represents you. You may no longer have a voice on Beacon Hill because it has been radicalized by special interests and corruption. But you can make a difference in your local community.

It all starts with one. And UCP makes it easier for you to get involved in defending our freedoms and way of life locally. You are not alone. Please join us at the events we are sponsoring for you below.

"We the people" includes you. Please join our growing movement!

Local dem elected officials have turned their back on our Cape based troops. Both state rep Fernandez and state senator Moran no longer represent we the people. They represent special interest like the Sierra Club who supported their campaigns, and they are now now opposed to troop training at Joint Base Cape Cod.

For those of us that have served, or have family members that serve today this is a disgusting betrayal by our government officials. Our heroes wear combat boots not a pants suit.

Please join us Saturday to show Cape Codders including the passing National Guard troops making a sacrifice to serve our country that we do care. We do support our troops.

2022 Ballot Initiative Kickoff!
Conservative Volunteers, UCP is teamed up with Mass GOP and sponsoring a volunteer kickoff for (3) important 2022 Ballot Initiatives on Monday 8/2, at 630PM.

This is our opportunity for "We The People" to implement real lasting change in the Commonwealth on the issues you care most about:

MA Voter ID
MA Infant Healthcare
Ban CRT In MA Schools

This is the first in a series scheduled across the state. The Cape event will be held at the Monument Beach Sportsman's Club in Bourne at 630PM. It will be followed by a social with cash bar & pizza.

The purpose of this meeting is to activate the network that will complete a successful ballot initiative drive. Information on the legal and logistic challenges involved in signature collecting will be discussed in detail. We will also talk about the best locations to collect signatures.

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday. Please respond back to this email if you have questions or need more information.

Adam Lange
CDC Joins The List of Corrupt, Politicized Institutions!
If our government wants more Americans to consider the experimental vaccine, they should disclose the age-based risk of "COVID-19" death and the vaccine adverse event risk, including death. Americans could then make a true informed decision based on risk-benefit analysis, and the government would not be violating the Nuremberg Code.  

We have the data now to actually follow the (true) science, but are being told by our government to panic, put your mask back on, and get injected with the "savior" vaccine that even your life insurance will not cover. In fact, NO ONE is accepting liability for this highly dangerous, experimental jab - not the government, not the vaccine manufacturers, not the medical personnel, not the media, not the employers, literally NO ONE.   

The facts are that the 7 day average "COVID-19" death rate in our country is 269 per day. This is the lowest since the "pandemic" started. At the height of the "pandemic", approximately 4000 died a day from "COVID-19". To put this into perspective, we lose about 1800 a day from heart disease in this country, yet I haven't seen one CDC press conference. The PCR test used to determine these cases, was never intended to diagnose infection disease, and was just recently recalled. It is quite possible that most of the people diagnosed with "COVID-19", did not even have "COVID-19". It is quite possible that there was never a state of emergency.  

They asked us to flatten the curve to prevent the healthcare system from being overwhelmed. That was the goal. We did that. Then they asked us to go into lockdown until the vaccine was available. That was the goal. We did that.  

Now it appears we are chasing "COVID-19" case rate with the goal of "If it just saves one life". A tyrannical government uses this logic when they want to create panic and justify the need for emergency action to further their agenda - think climate emergency or racism as a public health crisis. In each of these examples you can't see or measure the problem, but we are being told it is so dire the government needs to step in and restrict your freedoms.

The left has politicized and destroyed confidence in most all major institutions. Examples of why Americans no longer trust what our government is telling us include: Trump as a Russian asset, Kavanaugh as a serial gang rapist, and Biden is our President. 

The lost confidence institutions now includes the CDC, as they advise we should continue masking our children. This segment of the population represents 75 million Americans, and has a higher chance of dying from drowning than "COVID-19". Applying their "If it just saves one life" logic, we could save more lives by mandating floaties on children instead of masks. Further, these ABC-organizations, and "leaders" such as Fauci are not looking into the physical, mental, emotional, AND spiritual implications of masking our children and those around them. This is flat-out child abuse. Our children deserve better.