Support Frontline Heroes this Giving Season!
Let's End the Year Strong... Together!
Dear Friends,

As we enter the Holiday Season, Acacia Network has kicked off its 2020 year-end campaign to raise critical operating funds to sustain our life-saving work in some of the most vulnerable communities across the country. 

Funds raised will help Acacia Network and our affiliates to:

  1. Subsidize the overall cost of care for patients of all ages in our primary care clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), which provide high-quality healthcare during this critical time. Most of our patients are considered low income, medically vulnerable, and they belong to the ethnic groups most devastated by the pandemic. Our health centers guarantee access to care, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay.
  2. Ensure that individuals suffering from mental health and/or substance use disorders are able to get the help they need through our Outpatient and Inpatient Mental Health & Addiction Services, including specialized residential detox programs that serve youth, as well as women with or without children. Our unique treatment model uses a holistic approach focused on integrated care to address the patient’s broad range of needs.
  3. Provide nutritious meals and groceries to vulnerable New Yorkers through our food pantries and soup kitchens, which have continued to operate on a daily basis throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that those most at risk of going hungry are able to feed themselves and their families during a time when so many have lost their jobs and livelihoods. 
  4. Bridge the digital divide for vulnerable populations at increased risk of depression and isolation, such as the mature adults (ages 60+) enrolled in our Senior Centers, which have transitioned to all-virtual programming. The funds will allow us to ensure that our seniors have access to the technology required to participate in regular virtual well-checks and video conferencing with our staff, as well as online wellness activities.
  5. Make sure that our 1,700+ essential workers, who have been in the frontlines from Day 1, are fully equipped with the PPE, gear, and supplies necessary to guarantee their health & safety and provide them with healthy meals, while they continue to save lives and provide round-the-clock care to the most vulnerable, such as HIV/AIDS patients in our 24/7 Skilled Nursing Facility, Casa Promesa.

These are just five (5) ways in which the monies raised will support our efforts in the frontlines. But our work does not stop there: In addition to providing access to integrated primary care, mental health & addiction services, and residential treatment for at-risk populations, Acacia Network is a leading provider of affordable & supportive housing; transitional & emergency housing; early childhood education, afterschool programs & youth development; workforce development & employment services; arts & culture, and more.

Will you become an Acacia Ally by pledging a donation today? Any amount goes a long way during these incredibly trying times, when the nonprofit sector has been working under extreme budget & resource constraints to meet the growing needs of our communities.

We appreciate those of you who have given so far! If you’ve already made your year-end gift to Acacia Network, please consider sharing this appeal with your extended network to spread the word about our important work.

Making a donation is easy and 100% tax-deductible!
Visit to make your gift today. Together, we can and will help thousands of struggling individuals and families overcome this crisis.

Wishing you and your loved ones continued health and wellbeing.

Lymaris Albors
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
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Become an Acacia Ally and help us continue to save lives through an integrated, culturally-competent, trauma-informed lens!

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Your support will enable us to continue providing critical services to those who need them most. For more information about Acacia Network and how you can support our work, contact us today!
Acacia Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
About Acacia Network:

For over 50 years, Acacia Network and its affiliates have been committed to improving the quality-of-life and wellbeing of underserved communities in New York City and beyond. We are currently one of the leading social services organizations in New York City and the largest Hispanic-led nonprofit in the State, providing integrated, culturally-competent, and trauma-informed services to more than 150,000 individuals of all ages through: Primary Care; Mental Health and Addiction Services; Residential Treatment for At-Risk Populations; Affordable and Supportive Housing; Transitional Housing; Early Childhood Education; Afterschool Programs and Youth Development; Senior Services; Workforce Development; Arts and Culture, and more.