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JSO has proudly offered quality IQF ( individually quick frozen), pureed, and concentrated fruits & vegetables for over 30 years. They can pack your vegetables to order, including creating different blends of up to 5 ingredients. You can use IQF fruits and vegetables in everything from desserts to savory entrees.

So, what's new? JSO is now offering The Perfect Puree of Napa Valley to its customers. These purees come with added ingredients to further enhance your recipes!

They've also added several new fruits, vegetables, and a whole line of Ready to Eat options!

Explore some of their new and popular products below, and contact us for your free sample today!

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Core Product Offerings

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Fruits and Vegetables:

JSO offers an extensive selection of IQF fruits and vegetables from standard staples to specialty selections.

Mangos, Mushrooms, & Potatos:

JSO now offers Frozen Mango halves, frozen chunky pulps, IQF mushrooms packed to order, and frozen potatoes! Their frozen potatoes include hashbrowns, fries, tater tots, and more.

NEW Ready to Eat (RTE):

JSO carries RTE grains, rice, and pasta. You'll find the perfect addition to your recipes with their selection of IQF cooked RTE Penne, Fusilli, Elbow Pastas, Rice, red beans, and more!

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JSO Associates understands that fresh, quality food makes all the difference in distribution & our kitchens. In addition to providing superior quality at the best possible price & at just the right time, JSO offers:

  • A wide range of products you'll love.

  • Year-round quality because JSO represents packing facilities from around the globe.

  • Multiple warehouses around the country including Houston, Chicago, and Florida.

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