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The winter season is here and with it the holiday season. This is the time for celebrations with family and friends. What's better for get-togethers than hearty soups, stews, and pasta? Cooking wine lends deeper flavor to any of these dishes and is a staple ingredient for Italian, French, Asian, and Latin cuisine.

Welcome, De Vinco Company! De Vinco has ramped up our capacity for contract bottling cooking wine, and in bulk. We can take on any volume. De Vinco offers premium quality sherry, marsala, and burgundy cooking wines, among others, that carry a stronger wine profile than any cooking wine on the market. They are available in totes and drums.

They are a 100% American operation, and all wines are blended and shipped from the USA

The best part is they are tax-free, and we can reliably supply with a 6-day lead time.

We are now offering the ability to bottle cooking wines for private-label customers.

Pack sizes: 375mL (6 pack) and 750mL in (8 pack) 

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Featured Products

12% Chardonnay Cooking Wine  

 20.9%* Chablis Cooking Wine

14% Marsala Cooking Wine  


20.9%* Sherry Cooking Wine 

20.9%* Marsala Cooking Wine

20.9%* Burgundy Cooking Wine 

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"Cooking wine has found a place in many recipes across Italian, Asian and Latin markets as a way to add wine flavor without the need to add beverage wine. Sold as an ingredient or as a stand-alone bottled product, cooking wine is not taxed like beverage wine and is priced well below the cost of even the cheapest table wine.

Today the economies of bulk cooking wines consumers seeking value yet not sacrificing quality. Here at De Vinco, we are invested to provide a solution to this issue. We provide a vast array of cooking wines in bulk quantities."


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