Timing is everything

Prices keep rising and securing inventory is job one right now. It must be Cooper REBATE TIME! Huh? I’ll just chalk it up to good public relations. Tell your customers it’s back and they can party like it’s 2019 and the increases never happened. From October 14 through November 8 consumers can get VISA gift cards to help defray their fuel and bacon needs...

Discoverer AT3 and SRX earn $70; CS5 $60; Snow Claw, True North, Evolution Winter $50; the new Endeavors get $40. I know some manufacturers have cancelled their rebate plans, so this should make some people very happy. 
Falken lookin' spiffy

They’re hoping to pay you for doing what you do naturally. With their sales counter spiff all you gotta do is report back to Falken HQ when you sell ZE960A/S for a $10 reward each; SN250 earns $5 each; and $5 back on each Falken winter tire. For all the amazing facts on this promotion kindly click HERE
You say Squid Game, I say - VACUUM CUP CORD TIRES

‘Pennsylvania Vacuum Cup’ that is. I sat through the first episode of Squid Game on Netflix and saw nothing as remarkable as these fine vintage tires. ‘60,000 miles, road hazard, 30-day trial period...’ Those warranties are LAME. PA VAC CUPs are guaranteed to NEVER skid on wet roads or even oil soaked highways. Now that’s standing behind your product! And throw in a 9,000 mile treadwear warranty for you die-hards. Apparently these come with a speed rating of 35 mph so be careful on the turnpike. I know you have questions: How do they work? PA Rubber Company says, “The tread grips the surface, each cup sealed firmly against the pavement by the car’s weight. As the wheel rolls forward, the edge of each cup gently lifted, releasing the vacuum. There is no loss of power, no retarding of speed.” I can hear you now, “But Jeff, how much are these puppies?” Pa Rubber Company says, “Vacuum Cup Cord and Fabric Tires are sold at approximately the price of ordinary makes...”  

These were made in Jeannette PA and if you know anything about them, do holler back. 
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