Dear Community,

The power of authentic partnership between the School District and the community is evident in the Chagrin Falls Schools’ commitment to elevating the educational experience for all students and families. The District is taking bold steps to ensure that every student receives the highest quality education possible by listening to the needs and desires of all members of our community.

Inquiry teams within the District have been hard at work finishing up their research and focus groups, preparing their recommendations for the Strategic Coordination Team. This team will use the recommendations to develop and implement strategies that will set the trajectory for the future of Chagrin Falls Schools. By involving the community in this process, the District is strengthening its commitment to partnership and ensuring that every voice is heard.

The District's key priorities include strengthening community outreach programs through Community Ed by designing programming that is relevant to students' interests. This effort will help to bridge the gap between school and community, and ensure that the district is providing a well-rounded education that meets the interests and needs of all students and families.

Additionally, the District is refining its practice as it relates to supporting students and families in choosing their educational pathways at Chagrin. By providing multiple possibilities for students to choose from, the District is empowering students to take ownership of their educational journey.

The District also has streamlined its communication strategies through its website and social media, ensuring that the school community has access to the information they desire. This transparency helps to build trust and reinforces the partnership between the District and the community.

With enrollment at Gurney Elementary School growing, the District has designed a long-term, cost-effective solution to ensure that our preschool is able to offer high-quality learning experiences through the creation of an early learning village. This initiative will serve all students at Gurney with the quality of education families expect and deserve without sacrificing class size or the personalized elementary school experience.

Finally, the District is working to incorporate the voices of students, staff, parents, and the community into the decision-making process. Community roundtables and the inquiry team process have opened more meaningful lines of communication to ensure that the educational experience is elevated for everyone. By partnering with the community in this way, the District is poised to continue providing a high-quality education for all students for many years to come.

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Message from Board Member Lauren Miller

While the Board of Education oversees many day-to-day functionalities of the schools - such as approving the District calendars, new staff hires and facility planning - this year we also have the opportunity to "zoom out" and take a big picture view via the strategic planning process. Along with the many teachers, administrators, parents, students and community members who are participating in this work, we Board members also get to take a step back and explore the things that drive our School District as an organization: our mission, values, and beliefs.

Through the strategic planning process, we have reflected on the vision that guides us and the mission that drives the work we do every day. We've thought about the commitments that we have in common with all other public schools, and the aspects of our District that make Chagrin Falls unique. We've considered the guidance and practices we've used in the past, and the adjustments required to meet the challenges of a changing student body and a dynamic job market. We've identified the focus areas that are most important to those in our school community, and are pursuing continuous improvement in those areas. Just as the world never stops changing, our School District never stops evolving to ensure we are meeting the needs of our students. 

Our work in strategic planning reflects both a broad view as well as great attention to detail. By zooming out to re-examine our purpose, and zooming in to study the details of our three focus areas (high quality learning experiences, student and staff well-being, and strategic resourcing), we are embracing the full story of Chagrin and its future.

Happy to be writing the story alongside you,

Lauren Miller

Board of Education member

The District's 2022-23 school year theme is “This is Chagrin. Write the Story.”

The work we are doing this year centers around our school community sharing their stories and experiences to write a narrative for what we collectively believe and want for our students. This is a perfect statement that outlines what we hope to accomplish through the strategic planning process. Core values and beliefs are the foundation of strategic planning and establishing the culture of an organization. It is what makes school a special place to learn, work, and succeed, and a school community a special place to live. Are we ready to educate the next generation of students? How will the story we write this year impact their story in the future?

Throughout the school year, our students, staff, parents/guardians, and community will be encouraged to help “write the story of Chagrin Falls Schools” in numerous ways. From participating in the creation of the District’s strategic plan to actually being an author highlighting the commitment and dedication to academic excellence and preparation of our students for the world after graduation.

As a District, we look toward the future and ask all of you to engage with us as we help write Chagrin’s story for many years to come. 

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For a number of years, the District has been making rather significant facility improvements to improve infrastructure and enhance the learning experience for students. Over the next few issues of the Super News, we will be bringing you some brief highlights of those projects. This month our focus is on the 7-12 campus.  

You can read about our District Capital Planning and Facility Improvements. Read about our past and current projects. You also explore the Facilities Improvement Plan (FIP) where annually, the District utilizes the FIP to identify capital projects for the current fiscal year, as well as those included in the District’s five-year forecast. The FIP integrates the District’s strategic plan, Facilities Master Plan, and ongoing maintenance plan, and considers the competing needs and requirements of the District.

7-12 Campus Facility Updates

March 15 - Board of Education Regular Meeting 7 p.m., CFMS cafeteria

March 27-31 - Spring Break

April 5 - Board of Education Work Session, 5:30 p.m., Sands Community Room

April 7 - Good Friday - No School

April 10 - Easter Monday - No School

2022-2023 District Approved Calendar
2023-2024 District Approved Calendar
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