Sunrise News
We're excited to announce that through our newly expanded partnership with SunPower, a global leader in solar innovation and sustainability, we will exclusively offer SunPower's premium Equinox AC solar panel technology to all of our residential solar customers as a SunPower Exclusive Dealer. Every Sunrise customer deserves the best -- and after working with these products as authorized dealers since 2013, we've devoted the time and experience  necessary to determine they are simply the best on the market. Visit our blog to learn more about why these solar panels are the perfect match for our top quality installations -- and the best value for our customers.
Solar Happenings
The biggest solar eclipse in American history will darken the skies all across North America as the moon completely blocks the sun on August 21 -- and as solar experts, we've naturally been fielding questions from the community about what kind of impact this exciting celestial event may have on solar energy production. What will New Yorkers experience during the eclipse? Will there be a loss of power? What happens when the sun comes back out? [add link] Get the skinny on the solar eclipse here.
Sunrise Makes it Simple to Earn Referral Rewards
You already know about solar savings -- but did you know about solar earnings? We make it easy to earn with our  Referral Program : Just tell your friends and family about going solar with us, and you'll get $500 for each referral, once their solar system is installed. And there's no limit to how many referral bonuses you can receive!
To make it even simpler, download our free App. Just select the Sales Rep and register, and you can begin sending referrals right away. Track the progress of your referral and rewards right on your mobile device -- and watch the bonuses roll in!
Solar Success Story
We're happy to report that our exciting new solar installation
at Barile Gallagher & Associates Consulting Engineers in Pleasantville is effectively running on track to supply 100 percent of the energy for the entire facility! Yes, you read that right: 100 percent solar. We were honored to celebrate the system's recent unveiling at a reception with the whole Barile Gallagher team. Congratulations and thank you to the team! Visit us on Facebook to see  photos of this great event.
Sunrise Tips
Is it time for your business to go solar?  
The benefits of solar power for businesses are countless and far-reaching -- indisputably going far beyond an improved public image and major cost savings that go directly to your bottom line. Thanks to new policies and falling prices, solar PV systems have far surpassed the economic tipping point, often creating energy at a fraction of the cost that you pay from the utility. This makes them an extremely smart investment that can boost the bottom line for any size business, from global to local.  Find out how solar can boost your business' bottom line  here
Are you a recent graduate looking to begin your career?
Job growth has been booming in the solar industry recently. In fact, employment in solar now far exceeds coal -- and a recent solar jobs census indicated that the solar industry now employs more people than Apple, Facebook and Google combined!
Learn more about the exciting line of work where you can make a living while making a difference. If it sounds like an opportunity you'd like to try, start the conversation by filling out our form , and find out what it takes to join our team .
Sunrise Spotlight on: Lee Streisfeld-Leitner, Senior Solar Consultant
Lee has been a solar professional since 2004, and he's also a certified Renewable Energy Professional by the Association of Energy Engineers. He has served on sustainability and conservation advisory committees for towns and villages throughout Westchester County, and has helped the county pass two separate pieces of pro-solar legislation. In addition to his training in the solar profession, Lee is educated in biology, computer science and music composition. Here at Sunrise, Lee is responsible for initial designs, analysis, presentation and sales, primarily for our residential customers.    Meet the rest of the Sunrise team.