Dear Parents,

I hope this week has been a less challenging one than the week before it, as you and your little ones settle into routines for the Fall! This week in Sunday School we are continuing in the Creation narrative in Genesis 3, with the sin of Adam and Eve.

Teaching children about the reality of and consequences for sin is fundamental to their understanding of salvation, but we must always take care to emphasize that while sin can seem great, God's grace is greater still. Following Adam and Eve's disobedience, and just prior to their removal from the Garden, we read this in Genesis 3:21

21 And the LORD God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them.

They had defied their loving creator, fell victim to temptation, and deserved nothing but wrath- and here the Maker of the Universe pieces together clothing for them. Praise God, that His grace, mercy, and love for Adam and Eve were greater than their sin! And praise God that the same compassion which led the Lord to fasten clothes for His children yet endures for us today, personified in Jesus Christ.

While I (Pastor Josh) forgot to announce our "Leafing for Jesus" program this ,morning, our kids didn't miss a beat! :) It was a joy to stamp their notebooks, and we can't wait to honor their presence with fun prizes. If your little one missed out on a stamp and were present at the service today, just le me know next week and I'll see they get it!

And if your kiddo wants to earn additional stamps for completing their Sunday School craft this week, just send the photos of the completed craft to myself or Joanne! We would love to see them!

As always, if there's is anything at all you or your children might need from their church family, we are just a quick email or phone call away!

Love in Christ,