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Sunday, March 24
The Triumph of Orthodoxy
Eve of Annunciation
8:15am Matins
9:30am Divine Liturgy
Procession of Icons

20 Year Memorial Dimitrios Frentzas
The Triumph of Orthodoxy
Holy Annunciation March 25
On the first Sunday of Great Lent we celebrate the restoration of icons after the triumph over iconoclasm, literally meaning: the breaking of images. This triumph took place on the first Sunday of Lent in 843 AD, when the Empress St. Theodora instructed Patriarch of Constantinople St. Methodios to call the synod of bishops together in order to resolve the centuries old civil war that had been raging over whether it was appropriate to use images Christian worship.

But what is the significance of Icons in our faith? During Great Lent we aspire to grow in communion with God. Our God who is invisible, became visible, by becoming man. Through this we know that God wants us to know Him. To know His words, His face, His miracles. Understanding this, the Seventh Ecumenical Council concluded that these holy images are not idolatrous but are worthy of veneration as part of God’s plan of salvation.

Christ our true God, and His saints we honor in words, in writings, in thoughts, in sacrifices, in temples, in icons, on the one hand bowing down and worshiping Christ as God and Master, on the other hand honoring the saints as true servants of the Master of all, and offering to them due veneration.
(Excerpt from the Synodikon of the Seventh Ecumenical Council)

On March 25 the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates a "double feast."

First, we observe the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, when the Archangel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary, and told of her miraculous conception with the greeting "Rejoice, O full of grace, the Lord is with you." It is at this moment that she conceived Christ in her womb, setting into action God's Divine plan for salvation to liberate humanity from slavery to death.

Second, as GREEK Orthodox, we observe Greek Independence Day. On Marcy 25, 1821 the Greek Flag was raised over the Monastery of Agia Lavra to chants of ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ Η ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ - FREEDOM, OR DEATH!

On this day, then, we observe the freedom of God's salvation that is a gift of God's love and grace, and the freedom won by our ancestors through their struggle for liberty.
Epistle and Gospel Readings
Epistle Reading
Gospel Reading
Fasting- Strict fast unless otherwise noted

Sunday March 24
Sunday of Orthodoxy
Eve of Annunciation
Sunday School Students: Remember to bring Icons for the Sunday of Orthodoxy Procession!
Prosphoro: Joan Kappas
Memorial: Dimitrios Frentzas
Coffee Hour: Greek School
Greek School Greek Independence Day Program in the Hall following Services.
6:00pm Great Vespers of the Annunciation at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Kankakee, IL

Monday, March 25
(Fish, Oil, and Wine Permitted)
Holy Annunciation, Greek Independence Day
8:30am Orthros 9:30am Divine Liturgy
5:30pm Adult Greek School
7:00pm Great Compline

Tuesday, March 26
Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel

Wednesday, March 27
Matrona of Thessaloniki
6:00pm Pre-Sanctified Liturgy
7:30pm Bible Study, in person and on Zoom!

Thursday, March 28
Hilarion the New
7:00pm Choir Practice

Friday, March 29
Mark, Bishop of Arethusa
10:00am Altar Boy training and Church Hall clean up
6:00pm Salutations to the Virgin Mary

Saturday, March 30
(Wine & Oil Permitted)
St. John Climacus
10:30am Greek School

Mondays During Lent
7:00pm Great Compline

Wednesdays During Lent
6:00pm Presanctified Liturgy

Fridays During Lent
6:00pm Salutations to the Virgin Mary

Monday, March 25
Annunciation of the Virgin Mary
Greek Independance Day
8:30am Orthros 9:30am Divine Liturgy

Friday, March 29
10:00am-12:00 noon Altar Boy Training
10:00am Church Hall Spring Cleaning

Sunday, March 31
Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas
Prosphoro: Canela Christos
Coffee Hour:

Sunday, April 7
Sunday of the Holy Cross
Prosphoro: Mary Schmidt
40 Day Blessing: Kait & Ben Villafranco
Greek Independence Day Parade
Family Night @ Town & Country Lanes

Sunday, April 14
Sunday of St. John Climacos
Prosphoro: Maria Macris

Sunday, April 21
Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt
Prosphoro: Nancy Roechner

Saturday, April 27
Saturday of Lazarus
Orthros, Divine Liturgy
Sunday School Retreat

Sunday, April 28
Palm Sunday
Prosphoro: Theodora Kalantzis

Sunday, April 28-March 4
Holy Week

Sunday April 5
Great and Holy Pascha
The Triumph of Orthodoxy
Please remember to bring Icons from home for our Sunday of Orthodoxy Procession!
Please Reply to this email, or call the Church office to confirm your donation towards making or Lent, Holy Week, and Pascha services beatutiful.
Bible Study

During Lent, Bible Study meets after Pre-Sanctified Liturgy ~7:30

This week we are reading Matthew Chapter 16 following Pre-Sanctified Liturgy
Youth and Family Events
Altar Server Training

Friday March 29 - 10:00am-noon.
Lunch Provided

Boys 2nd Grade and up are invited to learn to serve in the Holy Altar.

Girls invited to come learn as well, we will be learning about a number of things about the structure of our Church and worship.

Please RSVP for Lunch Count to Fr. Anastasios or by replying to this message.
Happy birthday to Ioanna Frentzas who turns 5 on March 24!
Happy Birthday Niko Kalantzis who turns 90 on March 24!

To Anna-Marie Kontos for being honored as the March Teacher of the Month for District 308. We are happy for you, and to have you as a Sunday School teacher here at All Saints!
Happy Birthday to the Hellenic Republic, who celebrates 203 years of Freedom on March 25.
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Spring Cleaning Day!

Please join us on Friday, March 29 at 10:00am for a Spring Cleaning day.

We will be and re-organizing our storage, and de-cluttering the basement and hall.
Save the date! July 13-14!

March 24
Dimitrios Frentzas - 20 Years

April 14
JoAnn Honiotes - 6 Months

Dates available through October!
It's a wonderful way to greet your fellow parishioners, or commemorate an anniversary, birthday, family milestone, or memorial. Offering to host it with friends or another family makes the effort easier and more enjoyable.
3: Kidonakis Familiy
10: Philoptochos/PC
17: Stewardship Committee
24: Greek School

28: Palm Sunday Luncheon
Please, pray for the health and protection of our beloved parishioners:
Thelma Theodore, Esther Anthos, Athena Christos, Elaine Koliopoulos, Michelle Kooy, Vange Policandriotes, Dempsey Taylor, Mary Tucci, and Margie Walsh.

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