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Historical Tidbit:

One of the earliest industries in the area was the manufacture of charcoal. The process of making charcoal was spoken of as "coaling," by 1810, it had become an important business, fueling many industrial furnaces in the area. Farmers "coaled a pit" in the fall after harvesting their crops.

It required about fifty cords of wood to make a pit, and the burning demanded constant care and attention for more than two weeks. As a result, most of the men built cabins near the pits. Here they lived while the work was going on, sleeping on a pile of straw, covered with a few old quilts and kept warm by the fire in a crudely fashioned fireplace. They had their food brought to them and kept constant watch. They had to stay on the job all the time for fear a fire might break out and instead of smoldering, or fear the fire would burn up all the wood instead of turning it into charcoal.

My grandfather told me he used to watch the men burning charcoal. He would see the charcoal wood piled up and the whole mound covered over with earth and usually the charcoal man would be almost as black as the charcoal from the dust and dirt of preparing and working the pit.

After the "coal" was burned and raked out of the pits with specially designed long tooth rakes, it was ready to be carried to the different places where they had furnaces. This process was carried out locally as late as 1915-1920.

Respectfully submitted ~ Sue Basile
Town Hall

WB Public Library
Council on Aging

Proof of residency is the only requirement.
1st & 3rd Wednesday each month
1:45 - 3p & 5:30 - 6p
457 rear, South Main St., Suite #1

Kelly Marie-Coplin
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West Bridgewater Town Clerk, Anne Iannitelli announces that a Special Town Election will be held on Saturday, October 21, 2023. The following offices will be included on the ballot:

One SELECTMAN (to fill an unexpired term);

Nomination papers are now available at the Town Clerk’s office. The last day to submit nomination papers to the Board of Registrars is Friday, September 1, 2023 by 5 PM.
Call the Town Clerk’s Office at (508) 894-1167 for further information. Source:
2023 Annual Overdose Vigil: Carrying Forward Their Legacy

Melissa Cook's experience with grief and loss is an all too common one, but this heartbreak has
fueled her mission to want to help others.
At the 2022 Annual Overdose Vigil by Candlelight, Cook spoke openly about her experience
supporting her sister, Meghan, through her opioid addiction until the very end. "My sister was so
much more than her addiction," said Cook, a board member of Abington Copes, "She was a
good, sweet person who had some heavy burdens. She had a tender loving heart and loved her
Cook was one of the hundreds of loved ones who attended last year's candlelight vigil, an event commemorating the lives lost too soon to overdose and honoring the families and friends who live with the pain that comes with losing someone to substance use disorder. The Overdose Awareness Vigil is an international initiative that is held simultaneously across the globe. Candles are lit all over the world in recognition of those lost to overdose. This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the first memorial slideshow featured by the Collaborative in 2013.

The Brockton Area Prevention Collaborative's 2023 Overdose Vigil by Candlelight will be held
on Tuesday, August 29th, at Massasoit Community College in the Quad. Resources will be
available starting at 6:00 PM and the program will begin at 6:45 PM.

Too often, the identity of those fighting their substance use disorder is reduced to just their addiction. It is important to humanize these individuals and remember their lives are much more than their addiction. Much like the candles, their legacies shine bright beyond their time here on Earth. The aim of the vigil is to embrace connection with one another as well as reinforce the message to those struggling with substance use disorder or those in recovery that they are deeply valued. Many of the family members in attendance hope that by raising awareness around the realities of addiction, there can be more empathy and less stigma towards those who are suffering. "What I would want you to remember most about my sister is her pure, beautiful soul, and her easy gentle spirit. She just wanted to find some peace and happiness, and she wanted that for everyone" said Cook, "Megan's fight is now my fight, and we don't fight alone."

Written by: Cara Ferguson, Prevention Coordinator, High Point Treatment Center & Brockton Area Prevention Collaborative
Climate Can-Do: Limit Fast Fashion
Fashion is another tool to help combat climate change and protect the environment.
First, how does fashion harm the environment? In efforts to meet demands and popularity for society’s trendiest clothes, many big clothing brands end up wasting fabrics and energy as they rush to pump out clothes for consumers at cheap prices. This is known as fast fashion.

According to the United Nations Environment Program, the “pollution, waste, and emissions of fast fashion are fueling the planetary crisis” as "plastic fibers are polluting the oceans”. In addition, the “wastewater and toxic dyes” from the industrial plants that are used to create the clothes only further contaminate the surrounding natural environments.

Sustainable clothing: While buying sustainable and organic clothing is a healthier alternative, it can also be expensive or inaccessible for many people. Fortunately, there are still many ways to limit your own fashion consumption and help the planet without sacrificing your wallet.

Diversify your clothing store options: Buying secondhand clothing from local thrift stores or on-line platforms such as ThredUp, Depop, and Poshmark is an excellent alternative for getting clothes.

Consider clothes before buying them: We all have that item, or a few, that sit in the back of the closet untouched for the past two years. This is why the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University suggests buying an item only if you can see yourself wearing it at least 30 times. Thinking twice is a good way to limit how much fast fashion and wasted clothing ends up crowding your closet.

Support brands that have good sustainability practices: This online directory: Good on You allows you to search your favorite brands and view their sustainability/ethical work ratings. The website also provides a wide range of stores that solely produce sustainable fashion that you can occasionally invest in.

By researching, staying mindful, and practicing eco-friendly shopping habits, you can reduce carbon costs and the impact of waste on our landfills and atmosphere!

This Climate Can-Do Article was written by Angel Benjamin, BuzzAround Writing Intern, Brown University. Focusing on actions which individuals can do in the face of our climate emergency. We can do!
 Brockton, Canton, Middleboro and online
Middle-Senior High School Calendar and Supply Lists

Before the school year starts, get organized ahead of time. West Bridgewater Middle-Senior High School published the calendar and supply list. The calendar will list the days off and early releases, and more. So, if you are planning time off or vacation, now is the time to plan it. Also, before everything sells out, get your school supplies! Visit The high school's website to access the calendar and supply lists.
Attention West Bridgewater Parents!

Hello, Wildcats! The West Bridgewater Police Department wants you to know the drop-off rules for the upcoming school year. Here are the rules to get the school year started safely and stress-free.

  1. Pull ALL the way forward in line drop off line
  2. Please do NOT stop in the line and exit your vehicle
  3. PLEASE DO NOT let your children play on the playground during the afternoon line while you wait to pick up their sibling
  4. Please be patient!
  5. For those parents who love to blast embarrassingly loud 80s/90s music, we love you!

For more information, visit the West Bridgewater Police Department on Facebook
West Bridgewater PTO meeting
Wednesday, Sept. 6th
Rose L. MacDonald School

If you are a member of the West Bridgewater PTO, this will be the first meeting of the year. Volunteers and new members are welcome to join. Visit the West Bridgewater PTO on Facebook for more information. 
Annual Tide Calendar Contest 

Deadline is Friday, Sept. 1st

The Taunton River Watershed Association (TRWA) is having its annual tide calendar contest. Open to all photographers.

The photo must have been taken within the last five years in the 42 communities that comprise the Taunton River Watershed. It also should have the principles of conservation in mind. For more guidelines and where to submit the final photo, visit the contest page: TRWA/photo-contest-form
Drivers Wanted
North River Collaborative
Split AM/PM and Afternoon Shifts
*Sign on Bonus
Starting Salary: Drivers: $20 plus benefits.
                Monitors: $15.85 plus benefits.

 Benefits: health, dental, vision, life insurance & MA State Retirement.
Paid sick/ personal time.
7D license Training Provided

Contact: Deb Thompson
781-878-6056, ext. 162
Grow Associates
Grow Associates is a non-profit organization helping individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities live their best lives.

How's Your internet?
The Massachusetts Broadband Institute needs your input. The survey asks people about their experience using the Internet in the state. Massachusetts can provide everyone with better internet service and digital support by providing your input. To fill out the survey, visit the Massachusetts Broadband Institute website.
WB Planning Board Meeting
August 16, 2023
Video Courtesy of WBCAM
WB Board of Assessors Meeting
August 16, 2023
Video Courtesy of WBCAM
Four in a Row Summer Concert
Throughout the summer, the West Bridgewater summer concert series has had a range of great musicians. Recently, the concert series hosted Four in a Row. Four in a Row is a 50s and 60s rock and roll cover band with original songs inspired by that era. The members of the band consist of four classmates from East Bridgewater. They are Mike Quaglia, Peter Lee, Dan Cohen, and Adam Vitali. The band performs in and around Plymouth County, so check them out.
This show, the food provided by Wicked Flavah, Sweet Sugar Swirl, Danny's Ice Cream, and Black Hat Brew Works. The final concert is August 22 with the band Total Strangers. For more information about the concert series, visit West Bridgewater Cultural Council on Facebook. To see more from Four in a Row, visit their website.

Story By: Ella Reddin BuzzAround Writing Intern, Framingham State University
Photo Credit: Four in a Row Facebook
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