June 2024

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Why I Like Listening at the Legion

"So cool to be up close with artists who are sharing their stories, their inspirations and their love of music."

-Matt's Winning Entry!

Thanks for your patronage of this wonderful music venue! June is a busy month, with Jackson Emmer, Aaron LaCombe and the Poudre Valley Playboys on the LATL stage. Our Sponsor Spotlight shines on Estes Park's own Quality Inn. We've also added John's Mic, where Legion Commander and founder of the LATL series John Minier will provide some color commentary on the month's happenings.

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We're highlighting the next few shows below but to see the whole schedule of exciting concerts scheduled for 2024.

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Jackson Emmer's work blends humor with heartache, and tradition with exploration. Emmer’s writing is often compared to that of John Prine and Guy Clark. His writing, production, and collaborations have branched into Indie, Alt-Rock, Jazz, and Electronica territory. How does he describe his music?


In 2023, Jackson won 1st place at the prestigious Telluride Troubadour Contest, held during the 50th annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

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June 10

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By John Minier

This month's Sponsor Spotlight proudly shines on Quality Inn and the entire Jurgens family. In December 2022, after Brad Fitch's first appearance at Listening at the Legion, Rhonda Jurgens approached me and told me how much she appreciated what our Listening Room was doing for Estes Park. She asked me to come by and see her the following week to discuss sponsorship opportunities.  

After a brief discussion of our goals, objectives, and planned programs, Rhonda went to her office and came back with a very generous sponsorship and became the first business in Estes Park to sponsor at the Benefactor ($2,000+) level.

In December 2023, after the Brad Fitch/Mark Rashid original song night, she again approached me and stated her intention to renew the Quality Inn Sponsorship at the Benefactor level. 

Sponsors of Listening at the Legion help us make these wonderful music events possible. If you happen to see Rhonda or any Jurgens family member at a Legion event, the Quality Inn or around town, be sure to thank them!

Aaron LaCombe

June 26

A gifted and versatile songwriter of Americana and sad country music, Aaron LaCombe was recently honored as winner of the 2023 Josie Music Award for Vocalist of the Year, Country/Male.

Aaron now lives in the Hill Country of Texas, and writes and plays his songs full time. You need only listen to his latest album to feel his appreciation for the good times, profound respect for the not-so-good times, and what we all have to learn from both.

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June 29

A collaboration of Colorado guitar phenomenon Josh Long and upright bass aficionado Mark Verschoor, this duo is high-octane classic country-rockabilly-surf music that gets any crowd jumping and hollering within the first few bars.

This one's going to bring a smile to your face and a twitch to your toe! Better still, this is a benefit show. ALL of the show's ticket receipts go to our local hospital, Estes Park Health, as part of the Rooftop Rodeo fundraising drive.

Thanks to Kate Arterburn for her sponsorship of this event!

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Texas, anyone? July 6 has Mike Blakely, John M. Greenberg & John Arthur Martinez together as THE OUTLAW FIRM on the Listening at the Legion stage. Another great show lined up!

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John's Mic

On June 3, 2022 we held the very first edition of Listening at the Legion, featuring one of my very favorite artists at any level,  Jackson Emmer. Jackson has been called out by noted reviews as the next John Prine or Guy Clark, or both rolled in to one! He's simply magnificent. 

This show was originally going to be a "one and done" event. But when I asked Jackson if he could suggest other great singer/songwriters, he rattled off a list: Ordinary Elephant, Susan Gibson, Mary Bragg, and many others. To my delight, they actually answered their phones and said "YES!", and that's how Listening at the Legion was born.

Since that first show, Jackson has won Best Song at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival and many other awards, and he has several new great songs out that are receiving national attention.

June 10, 2024 marks the beginning of our third Listening at the Legion season, and what better artist to kick it off than Jackson! Jackson is back for his third appearance and the thirty-fifth concert in the series. Quite honestly, with no Jackson Emmer, there would be no Listening at the Legion!

Last But Not Least..

In addition to the current schedule, there are 3 more concerts in the works for 2024, all of them top-notch. That brings the number of scheduled shows from June through December up to 11.

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