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June 2017
Is your company struggling to find a credit professional?

Thoughts from Jon Flora, President & CEO
This column has generated an unusual amount of response in the last two months.  In particu lar, the April commentary about job-seeking when over 50 hit home for several of you.  I’m glad it was helpful.

It also created interest from a couple of companies looking for new employees and struggling to find the right fit. Following these conversations, my observation is how little many company leaders know about the role of their Credit Manager.  This isn’t a criticism.  It’s just an observation. 

Credit is an important part of the business cycle that isn’t taught in school.  It is vital to customer relationships but is often an after thought.  I can see that we at NACM Business Credit Services have work to do in educating the C-Suite about this oft-unsung role with the company management structure.   

Overall, I heard some common issues about job seeking and recruitment, alike.  So, here are a few ideas to assist in that search process:

  1. Employers, make sure you understand the credit job you are trying to fill.  It’s more complicated than you may realize.
  2. Spend time with your credit staff to learn what they actually do for you.  Consider an audit of job duties versus just the job description.  You might be surprised at the breadth and depth of scope.
  3. Invest in on-going professional education for your credit staff.  It will cost more to have inexperienced and unprepared people working for you.
  4. Get to know us at NACM Business Credit Services.  We can help you when it comes time to finding a new person.

We have a team of dedicated, experienced people among our NACM members who do far more than merely pull credit reports and turn accounts over to Collectors.  They ensure companies are paid every day through thoughtful processes and procedures.  They have good relationships with customers.  Yet, their bosses often don’t fully understand what it takes to do this work until the day the credit person quits, retires, is lost to a merger, or is replaced with a new recruit who doesn’t have the same relationships or experience.

NACM Business Credit Services is your resource during this process.  Beyond classes, Lunch & Learns, and seminars, NACM can help member companies and their leaders learn more about credit.  We can come to you, help sort through issues you may be having and find a solution.  Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone.  Call us.  800-432-5710

You’ll see a few changes in this month’s newsletter.  A few more articles with helpful ideas, reviews of products and services from NACM, and a Who’s Who in our organization. 

If you are attending National Credit Congress, there is also a travel tip to help avoid a potential security issue.

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Summer is here.  Enjoy it!

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Education Programs
Cloud Computing:  Public vs. Private
We've heard from you about struggles within your companies about various computer and networking issues. At NACM BCS, we recognized that it was best to outsource our IT support.  Our vendor-partner, ISOutsource, recently authored an interesting article that offers some clarity about "the Cloud". Learn about your options in the ISOutsource Blog
Developing an effective succession plan for your company
We led this month's newsletter with some thoughtful advice about job-hunting or recruitment.  No matter what path you have taken to build and grow a construction company, there’s one milestone that will eventually have to be crossed: transitioning the leadership and ownership of the business to a successor. Yet many business owners aren’t motivated to act until the transition is a clear and pressing need. This can often be too late to be effective.

Moss Adams offers advice for how to proceed in preparing for the future.  Click the link below:

Moss Adams Insight
Online Courses through NACM National
If you are pursuing a professional designation through NACM, online courses are the way to go.  For more information on current offerings from NACM National, click here.  

If you need help navigating the process, we stand ready to lend a hand.  Feel free to contact Ricole Isbey-Johnson at 206-728-6327 or
NACM National Credit Congress
Grapevine, Texas
The  121st NACM National Credit Congress is coming in two weeks -  June 11-14 in Grapevine, Texas.  This is the biggest annual event in our profession with great speakers and special events.
You can still register.  Just click here for more information.

Kick-Off Member Party @ Top Golf
Top Golf is the place to be! If you are going to Credit Congress, you are also invited to the opening night kick-off party just for our members and guests from 6:00-9:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 11th.  As always, it will be great start to the Big Show.  Whack a few golf balls, enjoy cocktials and hors d'oevres, meet new people.  Plan to join us on Sunday night for a fun time with friends and colleagues.
When you travel, don't just toss your boarding pass in the trash  at the end of the trip.   Why not?   Click below:
News Highlights
News of interest
Stay on top of what's happening where we do business,  Just click on a location to read more:

USA              HI and WA in top ten for most debt
Seattle                Average home price hits record
Seattle           Amazon goes for grocery market
Honolulu       Architect wins large DOD contract
Anchorage    Alaska fish volumes up, prices flat
Washington               NACM member helping kids
West Coast            Coming: Tijuana Condo Boom 
USA                         How we got $13 trillion in debt
Arizona         State leads US in bank finance jobs
National              Washington better than  Oregon
Frank Lloyd Wright's 150th Birthday
This month is the 150th birthday of one of America's foremost architects, Frank Lloyd Wright.  Recognized in 1991 by the American Institute of Architects as "the greatest American architect of all time", he was know for his organic designs, amazing interior elements and an occasional leaky roof! 

Whether you're in the construction trades or just a history geek, you will like the  following story about restoring and preserving one of his Usonian houses.  

Also, you'll find links to his most famous designs and homes he designed in the Seattle and Honolulu areas.

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Industry Trade Groups & Calendar
Trade Groups
NACM believes that Industry Groups are among the best professional tools available to our members and customers.  In 2017, we are striving for both increased participation and high quality for the program.

What does that mean?  NACM is asking Industry Group members to set a goal of 100% participation on a monthly and annual basis.  The Groups only work if everyone is involved.

How will NACM achieve this goal? NACM is incentivizing members to reach monthly goals with quarterly drawing/raffle prizes and an annual Grand Prize for every firm that reaches 100% participation for the entire year (or participates at 100% participation for each month their group has a meeting).

It's all pretty simple.  The more you participate in your group, the more opportunity you have to WIN!  

Best of all, your group gets stronger because of everyone's active involvement.

For more information, contact the Industry Groups office at 800-432-5700

NACM Calendar
Calendar Note Schedule Memo Manage Event Concept
Industry Trade Groups - June

Puget Sound Area

June 8                    Floor             
June 13                 Transportation   
June 15                 Wiring
                         Eastside Construction
June 20                 HVAC                  
June 21                 Tacoma Construction                               Food
June 22                 Ad Media
                         Eastside Construction


June 20                 Hawaii Hospitality
June 21                 Hawaii Food
June 23                 Hawaii Building


June 21                 Suppliers and Food

Save the date:

Tuesday, December 5

Alaska Holiday Lunch & Seminar
Featuring:  Alaska Economic Forecast
11:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Embassy Suites Hotel,  Anchorage, AK

Current Jobs Available
If you looking for a job or needing to fill a position, remember the NACM BCS Job Bank.  It's easy, free and is regularly viewed by a growing number of people.  Click below for the last job postings.

Job Bank
Products & Services
Turn to NACM Business Credit Services for your Collections needs.

Whether you're doing business locally, regionally, nationally or internationally, we can provide the Collections services you need.  And, we do it at a reasonable rate.


If this sounds like a tool you need, NACM will be glad to work with you to tailor a solution.  Simply call your Sales Representative or the NACM office at 206-728-6333

An important -- and often overlooked -- element of any successful business is sales tax compliance. With more than 12,000 jurisdictions in the United States alone, compliance is an ever-moving target that can prove almost impossible to hit without some help. 

That's why we have partnered with the sales tax experts at  Avalara .

Avalara is a leading provider of sales tax automation and exemption certificate management software, helping businesses manage the complex rules and regulations related to transactional and indirect taxes.
Are you complying with the increasingly complex sales and use tax regulations where you do business?  Contact your NACM Sales Representative for more information about Avalara's products and services.  

Call 800-423-5710.

There are a lot of different credit reporting products available today.

Our experience over nearly three decades has shown Experian reports to have the best data and best price for most of our members.  There are, of course, exceptions and for those we have other great options to consider.  

Ask your Account Executive to help you figure out what will be for your needs. Contact them today at 800-432-5700
Doing business north of the border? Don't build a wall!  Buy a great credit report!

NACM Business Credit Services is the place to go fpr the best in Canadian business information. We offer Equifax Canadian reports - the best report for and about our northern neighbors - at the best price. 

Buy your credit reports now and have a good day, eh.

For more information, contact your Account Executive or call us at 800-423-5710.

Making the best credit decisions efficiently helps drive your company’s growth. But when you rely on a flood of data to make those decisions, it’s not always easy.

D&B Credit is Dun & Bradstreet’s next-generation risk intelligence platform, built on a foundation of the most comprehensive and reliable business credit data in the world. User-friendly, smart and simplified, D&B Credit makes accessing the industry-leading relationship data and financial scoring models of Dun & Bradstreet easier and more effective than ever.

  • The best data and analytics, with more than 265 million company records from over 30,000 data sources and 5 million updates per day.
  • The best solutions that combine your accounts receivable data with Dun & Bradstreet’s data and analytics for a more holistic view of your customers.
  • The best outcomes delivered faster.

Talk to your NACM rep to learn more about D&B Credit!

Call us 800-432-5700

Guarantee and deposit your company’s checks anytime, anywhere, 24/7 with UTA’s Mobile Deposit solution. Take advantage of all the benefits that UTA’s check processing solution has to offer including Check Guarantee and Verification, Remote Deposit Capture (with Guarantee), and ACH Processing (with Guarantee) from the convenience of your tablet or mobile device.

Contact NACM BCS  at 800-432-5700 for more information.
Who's Who at NACM Business Credit Services
Board of Directors 

Chair of the Board
Joshua Nolan, CCE
Oldcastle PreCast, Inc.

Doug Jacobson, CCE
SRS/Roofline Supply

Jon Flora
Ricole Isbey-Johnson

Cortney Foster, CPA
Maryallene Arsanto, CCE CICP 
Nucor Steel Seattle, Inc.
Tim Buckley
Lynden, Inc.

Dave Cunningham
Hawaiian Cement

Krystal Daugherty, CCE
Wolseley Industrial Group

Steven Hopkins, CCE, CCRA
Stoneway Electric Supply Co.

Heidi Lindgren-Boyce, CCE
Star Rentals, Inc.
Michelle Lindsay
Crowley Fuels, LLC
Dan Pharris 
Lasher Holzapfel Sperry & Eberson, PLLC

Cassie Sheehan
Carlile Transportation Systems

Theresa White, CCE, ICCE
Pokemon Company Intl.

Will Young, CIPC
Physio-Control, Inc.

Jon Flora, President & CEO    

Cortney Foster, Treasurer

Ricole Isbey, Member Services Manager|Executive Assistant

Jo-Anne Torrontegui, Receptionist 

Nancy Tapley, Customer Service Lead 

Claudia Barragan, Customer Service Specialist 

Linda McPherson, Data Coordination Manager

John Woods, Data Coordinator


Sonya Huntzinger, Bookkeeper

Kelley Thomas, Bookkeeper

Jan Minniti
Senior National Account Executive 

Jaime Severs-Gibson,

National Account Executive

Benjamin Cox, Account Executive 

Paul Krause, Collections Manager       

Larry Lee, Collection Specialist

Steve Shaw, Collection Specialist

DeDe Grey, Collection Specialist

Ricole Isbey-Johnson, Member Services Manager|Executive Assistant

Claudia Barragan,
Industry Group Coordinator

Shirley Reeves, Anchorage

Karen Jones-Remigio, Hawaii

  Early Reminder:  NACM will be closed for Independence Day on July 3rd & 4th
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