August 11th, 2023

Hello The Loisaida,

Loisaida, Inc. Center kicked off our Summer Youth Internship Program in July, welcoming 8 full-time interns from the Ladders for Leaders program at DYCD and 6 interns directly working with community partners like; the Listening Lab, Lynkable, IPRHE, the New Museum, and more.

Check out the great work our incredible interns have been doing!

Listening Lab

Matthew Chavez, Deena Ismail

Listening Lab's mission is to foster social cohesion by designing programs that engage communities in the practice of listening. Their projects invite discourse, develop soft connections and contribute to a more resilient, interconnected society.

Loisaida Inc. partnered with Listening Lab to create a Summer paid internship program from July 10th to August 17th. During this 6 week's program, participants can learn from inspiring guest speakers and participate in hands-on workshops that teach them valuable skills such as recording audio, video production, and content creation. Most importantly, they go out into our community and make a real difference by using these skills to create impactful experiences that promote social change.

The Listening Lab group has been learning from industry professionals and thought leaders for the last several weeks, including Mindy Fullilove, Amer Jandali, and Andrea Gordillo. Along with an understanding of community building and outreach, they have been learning how to use recorders, microphones, and editing programs for production and content generation. In the next few weeks, they'll be preparing a curation of their work for a showcase. In their most recent outing at Washington Square Park, they asked passers-by, “When was the last time you felt belonging?”.

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Listening Lab NYC Summer 2023 Showcase

Tuesday, August 15th, 6-8pm

Join us for an enlightening evening as we celebrate the achievements of the Summer cohort from Listening Lab! Over a rigorous 6-week program in partnership with the Loisaida Center, these dedicated individuals have immersed themselves in the philosophy of community building, design thinking, social practice, and the intricacies of audio/video production and content creation.

Date: Tuesday, August 15th, 2023

Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT

Location: Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area, 417 5th Avenue #Unit 814, New York, NY 10016

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Can't make it in person? Watch the livestream!

Lynkable x Loisaida

Michael Herrera, Daphne Rynders, Horacio Peña, Victor Fraga

Lynkable x Loisaida's mission is to promote community engagement, tech education and wellness promotion. Through community engagement at our events, we serve to address many underlining disparities that the community faces, from bridging the tech divide to nutritional education. Our overall vision is to be a liaison between the local NYC art-based community and the tech industry while using this platform to promote health initiatives and collaboration with small businesses that aim to serve the greater good of our targeted community.

New Museum

The New Museum team aspires to share their stories and use art to express their personalities. Interacting with the New Museum's exhibition of Pepón Osorio's captivating installation art, titled "My Beating Heart" or "Mi Corazón Latiente".

Thrift Pop-Up & Zine

Inspired and unified by the team’s love of fashion, the Visual Group’s team has created two projects to focus on during the program – a bi-weekly thrift pop-up and a digital fashion zine. These projects explore the interns’ personal styles and relationships with fashion as a form of self-expression.

Sounds of Loisaida

Over the past three weeks, the Sounds of Loisaida team has established a weekly recording session routine to host guest musicians for intimate concerts and inspiring interviews. Focusing on teamwork, the interns have actively participated in all aspects, from selecting and scheduling bands to being hands-on with the setup, filming, and editing of the videos and audio.

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ECOLIBRIUM's summer session started on July 10th and introduced ten new Summer Youth Employment interns, including students from the Cooper Union School of Engineering, St. Johns University, Scholars Academy High School, and LaGuardia High School of the Arts.

Each day, the interns receive subject matter orientation, and then break out into their respective projects. Here's what they've been up to:

The IoT/Tech Team is working on creating environmental sensors that will measure indoor and outdoor air quality. They take on tasks needed to build and program the sensors, such as coding, implementing GPS, PC board design, CAD design, and 3D printing. Their process involves general problem solving and skills sharing.

The sole Media Team member is new to video editing, but quick to learn. She has been tasked with documenting the team's progress and producing short video clips and social media posts.

The Environment & Data Team has begun an emissions inventory, incorporating existing public data and past work of our prior team. They engage in guided self-learning to improve coding skills, including python, which is used to perform data visualizations using outputs from the environmental sensors they are building. An important part of the project is learning how to work with digital twins to model changes to our buildings and built environment to simulate possible outcomes that will help us adapt to climate change.

"Digital Twins" are computer models of individual buildings that can be used to simulate impacts of energy efficiency and building electrification on operating costs/rents, electric grid stress, and GHG emissions under varying environmental conditions. It can simulate changes made to buildings, systems, and appliances, that increase energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions. The Environment & Data Team is working with digital twins of 2000 buildings in the Loisaida neighborhood, encompassing Community Board 3 / NYC Council District 2.

A couple weeks ago, the entire ECOLIBRIUM team performed a field study to examine the health of the soil and trees, in street tree beds along both sides of East 9th Street, spanning between Avenue C to First Ave. The Media Team member documented this with video and GPS embedded still images for mapping.

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A full month of Loisaida is Proud! culminated with the closing of the exhibition of never-before printed photographs and composite photography by indigenous Colombian artist/performer Ernesto Linnemann.

Here's what some of the attendees had to say about their experience at the Drag U: The Beauty & The Sparkle:

"Attending this event helped me embrace my true self and feel comfortable in my own skin. I never imagined that dressing up in drag could be so empowering."

"Listening to the stories of trans experience opened my eyes to the challenges we face as a community. I want to be part of the change we need to make our world safer for our trans community."

"I had never attended an event like this before, and it surpassed any other sober experience I've ever had. I'm genuinely glad I decided to attend."

Special thanks to our sponsors who made these events possible!

During this great month of celebration, Loisaida launched its early Summer micro-residency GOSR to create a platform for contemporary, emerging artists and cultural producers working in the following disciplines: theater, performance art, poetry, dance, creative writing, cultural research, and more AND that proudly identify as members of the LGTBQ+ community. 

The Gift-of-Space Residency (GOSR) program grants access to a work/rehearsal space for LGTBQ+ self-identifying community leaders, cultural workers, and artists working around questions/issues of health, access, connection/solidarity, memory, community, change, displacement, mobilization, sovereignty, and territoriality. All in the heart of the Lower East Side, Loisaida.

Gift of Space Resident, Brynne O’Rourke!

Brynne O’Rourke is a trans-femme, multidisciplinary artist, director, teaching artist, and poet. As a practitioner, Brynne commits to stories that challenge and expand definitions of performance and artistry. They are members of the F.U.N. (FiercedUntamedNiñes) Collective, Pride Youth Theatre Alliance, Trans Asylum Seeker Support Network, and Trans Writers Union. Their work has been featured at Fiasco Theater Company, Dixon Place, WOW Café Theater, The Tank, The Brick, The Kraine Theater, Usagi Gallery, and Skidmore College. They receive a teaching artist mentorship through NYC Arts in Education Roundtable. They are an Artist-in-Residence with Motive Brooklyn and have a fellowship with EmergeNYC. Brynne holds an MA in Applied Theatre from the CUNY School of Professional Studies.

Some of their past work includes: "the mirror reminds me of the day before", published in Vocal and "Your Eyes" & "I Can’t Sleep Tonight", published in Jejune Magazine.

2023 Loisaida Artist-in-Residence Update

Brianna N. Love - Daring Wood

Brianna N. Love is a furniture, spatial, and material designer and researcher with a focus on sustainability. An avid fan of science fiction and horror film, narratives about other worlds provide her with a framework to think about the worlds in which her work could exist and the more sustainable and just future it is working towards. She draws inspiration from the natural environment, chemistry, and culture which guides her speculative approach to researching and designing the future of furniture and sustainable living. She is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture and Master of Science in Real Estate Development at Columbia University. Her work has been featured in Interior Design Magazine and Architectural Digest.

Loisaida is assembling a Woodworking and Digital Fabrication Space at 710 E. 9 St., where our community and residents can experiment and cultivate their own fresh ideas through Design and Industrial Arts. While we aspire to open the space to the wider Loisaida community eventually, this aspiration is not currently attainable in the short term.

Notwithstanding the slow improvement of operational inadequacies on site, our current resident artist, Brianna Love, created a serene work environment that allowed for innovative construction and experimentation.

Join us in supporting the Woodworking and Digital Fabrication Space at 710 E. 9 St., and help support artistic residencies at Loisaida Center. This community hub will empower artists to experiment, innovate, and collaborate. Your support can provide top-notch tools, safety measures, and training. Donate today and shape a future of limitless imagination and artistry at Loisaida Center. Your contribution fuels creativity and transforms our community.

Founded in 1979, Loisaida, Inc. offers year-round, accessible arts & culture programming that celebrates the rich heritage of the Lower East Side and its Puerto Rican and immigrant communities. Through its multi-purpose space, the Loisaida Inc. Center provides opportunities to emerging artists and creators working in diverse disciplines, promotes a vibrant social and community life, and incubates self-sustainable initiatives.

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