June 2023

Pride Month 2023

Dear TASC Community,

June has arrived, bringing with it a vibrant celebration of love, acceptance, and self-expression. As we commemorate Pride Month, TASC proudly joins the global movement to honor and advocate for the rights and well-being of the LGBTQ+ community. We stand together, embracing diversity and inclusion, as we recognize the profound impact of these values on the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities.

At TASC, our mission has always been to create a world where every person, regardless of their abilities, is valued and respected. We firmly believe that inclusion is the cornerstone of a compassionate society, and Pride Month provides a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect on the intersectionality of disability and sexual orientation or gender identity.

First and foremost, we want to acknowledge and celebrate the LGBTQ+ individuals within our TASC family. You are an integral part of our community, and your unique experiences and perspectives enrich us all. We recognize the courage it takes to be true to oneself and to navigate a world that is not always accepting. Your resilience and authenticity inspire us and reinforce our commitment to creating safe spaces where everyone can thrive.

Pride Month reminds us of the historical milestones achieved by LGBTQ+ activists and allies, as well as the ongoing work needed to achieve full equality. We recognize that the struggle for acceptance and equality extends to individuals with developmental disabilities, who often face additional barriers and discrimination. It is crucial that we continue to advocate for the rights of all marginalized communities and promote awareness, understanding, and support.

Let us remember that fostering a truly inclusive society requires continuous effort and education. To read more about the intersection of Disability and LGBTQ+ issues, please visit https://www.respectability.org/resources/lgbtq/. We also invite our community members to participate actively by sharing their stories, experiences, and insights. We believe that storytelling is a powerful tool for connection and understanding. By amplifying the voices of individuals with developmental disabilities within the LGBTQ+ community, we can build bridges of empathy, compassion, and acceptance. As we celebrate Pride Month, let us recommit ourselves to creating a world where diversity is celebrated, equality is valued, and every individual is empowered to live authentically. 

Happy Pride Month!

Mental Health Classes at DayStar

In partnership with LA County Department of Mental Health, DayStar Services by TASC (TASC's Antelope Valley location) is proud to offer an educational series to promote overall health and well-being. Classes started on June 1 and will run through August 31, 2023. They will be held every Thursday from 12:00 to 1:00PM. The topics are scheduled as follows:

  • June 1: Family Violence Prevention and Resilience
  • June 8: Child Abuse Prevention and Resilience
  • June 15: Suicide Prevention and Resilience
  • June 22: Understanding Learning Disabilities, Autism & ADHD
  • June 29: Understanding Anxiety and Depression
  • July 13: Understanding Behavioral Struggles in Children
  • July 20: Bullying Prevention
  • July 27: Emotional Wellbeing and Stress
  • August 3: Mental Health and Stigma: Changing the Story
  • August 10: Awareness, Treatment and Recovery from Depression
  • August 17: Awareness, Treatment and Recovery from Anxiety
  • August 24: Grief, Loss and Resilience
  • August 31: Understanding the Impact of Addiction and Mental Wellness

For more Info please contact:

Presenter: Maria Lugo

(213) 561-1824


DayStar Contact :

Sydney Velasco


Cinco de Mayo Program Event

For this year's Cinco de Mayo event, our Program Events committee went above and beyond to create a memorable celebration for TASC clients from the San Fernando Valley and the Antelope Valley. Festivities included dancing to a live mariachi band, mouthwatering tacos, a piñata, and other fun activities. See photos above for some highlights from the party!

Upcoming Events

June 22

Understanding Learning Disabilities, Autism & ADHD

For more information, contact:

Maria Lugo

(213) 561-1824


June 28


Parents of Adult Consumers

Virtual support group for parents and caregivers of adult NLACRC consumers.

For more info, call 818-677-7063 or email family.focus@csun.edu

July 3


Independence Day Program Event

There will be an Independence Day celebration for clients at the Sanctuary that will include music, games, food, and fun! $10 per person.

Program Closures: 

TASC Day Programs and Offices will be closed on Monday, June 19 and

Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

Mission Statement:
The Adult Skills Center (TASC) provides innovative and proactive services that empowers individuals with diverse intellectual, developmental and mental health needs to achieve their highest level of independence and realize their greatest potential.

TASC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution will have an immediate and direct impact on TASC’s ability to improve the lives of the men and women we serve. Your contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Tax ID: 95-4116924

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