Summer Update-Policies, Hours, Scheduling

Summer Clinic Update


We are continuing to require masks when you come to the clinic, regardless of vaccination status, for the time being. Double masking is not necessary, but wearing a well-fitted mask is always a good idea.

We will be reviewing our policies and protocols related to the pandemic this fall, and may implement more changes then, as it feels appropriate.


We are continuing to offer the same hours we have had for the last few months, which are as follows:

Mondays 12-5 Rachel
Tuesdays 12-5 Rachel
Wednesdays 9-3 Rachel
Thursdays 3-7 Anne Louise
Fridays 2-7 Anne Louise
Saturdays 9-1 Anne Louise

You may have noticed if you've been trying to book an appointment lately, it's busy at the clinic these days!

With the limited hours at the clinic right now, plus social distancing still in place, and more clients returning lately, the schedule is filling up fast.

In addition, the online schedule is available to book only one month in advance currently. All of these factors can make it harder to get an appointment and plan ahead, and we apologize for the challenges this may cause.

It won't continue like this indefinitely; we will likely be looking to increase the availability in clinic appointments by the fall, and are considering the different factors involved in making that decision.

One last thing ~ to help clarify the schedule and what you're seeing online when you schedule, these are the dates we are going to be closed during the next two months; if any of these dates change and it affects an appointment you have scheduled, you will be notified directly.





8/5 & 8/6

Thanks so much for hanging in there with us during this super challenging time; whether you are currently coming in for treatments, or just staying in touch via the internet. Know we are thinking of you too!

Happy Summer!!

from Rachel & Anne Louise

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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