Dear Readers,

When I was a child, summer meant early mornings waking with the sun. I'd peel back the plastic window shade anchored by a wooden rod and dive right back into whatever book had fallen to the floor the night before. I remember the light. I remember the exact view out my window and how far down the street my eye could see. I remember the feeling of freedom, that I was engaging in somewhat illicit behavior (although now I'm certain my parents were thrilled for me to be reading quietly in bed). It was a moment of freedom, before others had a say over what I was to do that day. It was time that was completely and totally mine.

What did I read? Oh, a little bit of everything. Some of it had literary value, much of it (hello The Baby-Sitters Club + Sweet Valley High) was pure fun. So, as the days get longer and spring is soon to be left in the rearview mirror, I hope for all of us to return to a child-like summer reading experience. Here's to getting lost, even for a few minutes, in a world completely separate from the one we're in. Here's to re-discovering the joy of being alone with a book, early in the morning and late into the evening. Here's to summer reading at its finest.

We've got some great new stock on the shelves. In addition to a stupendous selection of carefree summer reads, we're also enamored with a couple of books that ask for your quiet, careful attention including the winner of the 2021 Booker International Prize At Night All Blood is Black and Clint Smith's deeply researched and poetically presented book How the Word Is Passed.

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