Welcome to Summer
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Summer has arrived and everyone is so anxious to reconnect with their family and friends, and to take that much needed vacation and enjoy the sun and the outdoors.

I have a suggestion that I think is not only nutritious but delicious for the Summer. When I find myself with too many oranges, grapefruits or lemons, there is a perfect solution. Squeeze the juice from the fruit, and pour the juice into different ice cube trays. After frozen, the "fruit juice" ice cubes can then be added to your favorite ice tea, water, cocktail or summer drink. What a great way to experience fresh fruit and stay cool at the same time. You can also add fresh herbs to ice cube trays (with a little water) which is the perfect way to save your delicate spices for cooking. 

Remember to moisturize every day during the Summer especially since we will now be spending more time outside. Men and women enjoy using my Moisturizing Body & Massage Lotion. This much loved therapeutic and moisturizing lotion is rich in antioxidants to reduce the environmental stress on your skin and to help protect the skin barrier. The Lotion contains a high level of Vitamins E, D and A to help build the skin's natural defenses and promote a healthy glow. Natural botanical extracts of chamomile, lavender and lemon balm contain properties to help clarify, heal and protect the skin. Excellent when used immediately following bathing or showering to lock in moisture and with regular use, your skin will feel incredibly soft and smooth. A client favorite for over 30 years and is freshly scented in the Fragrance of your choice.

My fragrance-free Daily Facial Moisturizer will help keep your complexion balanced, young and vital during the Summer. If you use a bronzer or foundation, it will help smooth out your skin before application. And, my Intensive Night Cream supplements moisture-deprived skin and helps fight the aging process while you sleep. This highly emollient and enduring formula is rich, non-greasy and fragrance free which makes it ideal for dry or mature skin, especially during the Summer months.

Many of us will like to have a little more color to help radiant and highlight our complexion during the Summer Months, so why not experience my Swirl Blush? There are two ways to apply the Blush with the handy Baby Kabuki Brush that is included "free" with your purchase. Just swirl the Kabuki Brush over the entire compact picking up the four colors and swirl......or....select the main color from the compact you would like to highlight your complexion and swirl. With four color options, you can create so many beautiful "looks" just perfect for the Summer.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any formula or fragrance questions or need help with your gift-giving needs.

Sincerely, Dolores


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The Vinci & Rakos Parfum Sample Program is the perfect way to liven up your family time. Choose 7 Parfums from over 200+ for men and women and guess which Fragrance is perfect for which person. The Sample Set also makes the perfect gift for that special person.

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