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June, 2024

We're celebrating summer and all the amazing programs your generosity has made possible!


Provision's Community Oral Health Program embodies our mission statement.This is a sustainable program run by trained health professionals, members of their own communities. Their reach is broad, often teaching 650 adults, and over 3000 children per month. This is a rural and underserved area that would have very limited exposure to oral health without this program. Kelly Antosh, Provision's project lead for the Community Oral Health Program wrote a really informative article that can be found here.

CMDA article

Our impact

Over the years Provision has sponsored many university students. Your generous support of this program has meant that 21 students, primarily medical students, have graduated from university, found employment in their field and were then able to support their families.

One of these students was Dr.Judith Kipeleka.

Judith just returned from the Planetary Health Summit in Malaysia and shares her experience on our website.

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Floods and food shortages

Every year from March to mid May Tanzania experiences Masika, or long rains. This expected weather is factored in to daily life and food production. This year East Africa experienced extreme rains: many locals have reported the worst in 100+ years. The government of Tanzania believes over 200,000 people were directly affected. Of that number, 100 are in Provision's partner village, Luhombero. These people lived in simple homes that were washed away in the floods. This area in south eastern Tanzania relies on maize and rice and other cash crops to support their familes. It is estimated that the region lost approximately 77,000 hectares of farmland and that there will be a 30% drop in food production. Provision will continue to support our partners and friends in Luhombero parish throughout the coming months as we expect food insecurity will be a significant problem.

Nzuri Honey

We're so excited about this project!

We're creating a social enterprise business where the profits go back in to the community.

We've purchased land at Lugongole, Kibaoni, Ifakara, Morogoro. This beautiful 6 acre site will be where Provision's Nzuri Honey processing centre will be built. Our Business Development Coordinator, Musa Chenga has been working hard this spring, training with a regional beekeeping officer and going out into the field searching for the best beekeepers in the Morogoro area.

By offering fair prices for raw honey and providing a sustainable income source, Nzuri Honey will have a lasting impact on the people in the Morogoro area.

Provision believes that we can produce exceptional honey that gives back.

Follow @nzurihoneytz on Instagram to stay up to date on this exciting project.

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Mission Statement

Provision Charitable Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of communities in Tanzania by providing sustainable social enterprise, healthcare solutions, and education. We strive to create long-term change by working hand in hand with local partners, nurturing self-reliance to ensure a positive impact for generations to come.

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