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Well, summer is really underway for all of us and I am enjoying every cool breeze that comes along. I hope you are getting away for a vacation and having some fun. We spent a week in the CO Rockies and it was such a good trip. The scenery was amazing and spending time with family is always a bonus for me. Here is a picture I took of one of my favorite spots on this Earth, The Maroon Bells. 


I’m going to be attaching an Angelic message to the end of all of my newsletters from here on out. I hear from a lot of you that you really enjoy those and I’m glad that you do. I feel very blessed to receive them.

I had a good time checking out the energy fields of the mountains and the Aspen trees while in CO. Very different from one another, and full of vitality! Some mountains even had Angels on top of them, which actually isn’t unusual. Being able to experience the richness of this world through what’s known as the “second sight” is why I am offering a two part virtual series on Clairvoyance

I intentionally made this class two evenings in order to give people time to apply the techniques learned in between. Like any new skill, clairvoyance does take the reinforcement of practice in order to perfect it. Once you develop the ability it will be with you always. And the great thing about any intuitive skill is that we are all able to learn them because we are all naturally intuitive. That’s true even if you’ve never perceived yourself in that way. 

Two more pieces of good news: The second half of our series Seeking the Light Within begins on July 24, and we’d love to have you join us! This is such a popular series, for good reason. To see what we’re up to, just click here.

And I’m excited to say that I’m presenting an Angel Message and Healing Day with my colleague, Joy Andreasen, in Winchester. It’s going to be a special day. There are only a few spaces left for this one.

I’ve decided that when I hear about someone doing good work in the world I’m going to make a point of telling you about them. I’d like to introduce you to my dear friend, Kaylee Powell, who has such a bright spirit and has recently opened a new practice that is much needed now. Here’s what she has to say about her new endeavor: “As a longtime friend and mentee of Christen’s, I am honored to announce the opening of Rainbow Spirit Coaching. Please check out my services and reasonable rates on my website rainbowspiritcoaching.com. FYI, my website was designed by Christen’s daughter, Kirsten, with whom it was a joy to creatively collaborate! While I’m a certified coach specializing in supporting the LGBTQ+ community, I am very open and also pleased to serve everyone.” I heartily recommend her!

In Joy and Love,


Archangel Raphael spoke to a group through me with a heartwarming message in the Words of Light Series that I am doing for Spirit School. He opened with a beautiful prayer. Here is an excerpt from the transcript:

May you prosper all the more. May you flourish and thrive in all the ways that are meaningful to you. 

May your families also be blessed, your loved ones.

May the flowers and the trees, the rocks and the hills, the green fields and the blue sky, and all of the animals that roam the Earth, the glistening seas, and all of the animals that live in the oceans be blessed.

May all the people of your world be filled with and blessed with Love.

May the minds and hearts of humanity open to receive and open to give.

May it be so forevermore.


You are a new people, as it were. What I mean when I say this is that you, more than any other generation in history, are learning to be more conscious and aware while incarnated in your physical world. And this process of learning for you is truly a process of remembering that you are the Light, your soul is a radiant essence of the Divine. Perhaps you have noticed that every moment of forgetfulness is a painful moment. Life loses its glimmer, it loses its effervescence when you forget who you are and why you are here.

The true essence, the true power of your Light, is strictly in this present moment. And soon this present moment that you’re so beautifully occupying will become the past. How quickly this happens! In this cycle on the earth plane, time moves swiftly. The reality of this is reflected to you in all of the advances that are made in technology and in science, in medicine, in psychology and the understanding of humanity, and in the opening of the truth of the heavens, in the understanding of those of you incarnated on the earth plane. Time is moving swiftly. And if you don’t fully inhabit the present moment it passes by without your even noticing. 

Now why would I consider an awareness of the present moment to be so important? When you are in a state of awareness of the present moment, you have available to you everything that you need. Take notice of this now. Take just a minute to observe yourself in your life and how your essential needs are being met right now. 

With this observance of how neatly and how well your essential needs are being met, you are also observing how well you in your power have created for yourself, have created in your world on your own behalf. As you notice and take in the fact that your essential needs are being met, it is my hope that your solar plexus chakra would relax and take in the reality of the security that you are dwelling in now and the fact that you created this for yourself. You’ve done a good job. 

There is never a moment that goes by that does not hold within it what you need. There is such beauty in the present moment. The Grace that is always present is perceived by you, is felt by you. The holiness of your journey and the sacredness of your life become so apparent. When you are truly in the present moment you come to realize that the meaning you attribute to all the other things that occupy much of your mind is an illusion. It’s false. 

You are so powerful right now, in this moment. And this moment is saturated with Divine Love. How easy it is to miss out on it. How easy it is not to recognize it. When you are fully here, which is to say that you are fully incarnated, you have Grace and Divine Love and your own power available to you. And it is from this quietude, it is from this peaceful state, that you can create great change in your life. Your power and the power of the Divine are always available to you in the here and now. 

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