2024 Worship Theme

Give Radically

Serve Radically

June 2024

Worship Theme

Sunday, June 9th bulletin click here

Weekly Devotion

As Christians, we are called to live lives that reflect the holiness and righteousness of God.

Accommodating bad behavior contradicts this calling and undermines our witness to the world. Scripture encourages us to "be holy, because I am holy"

(1 Peter 1:16). This holiness requires us to uphold God's standards in our own lives and gently but firmly address sin in the lives of others. When we tolerate bad behavior, we risk becoming desensitized to sin and losing our moral compass. Furthermore, accommodating sin can harm the community of believers. In 1 Corinthians 5:6, Paul warns that "a little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough," illustrating how unchecked sin can spread and corrupt.

By confronting bad behavior with love and truth, we help maintain the purity and integrity of the body of Christ. Our goal is to restore and guide others towards a closer walk with God, always acting in love and humility.

In Christ,

Rev. R.J. Leek

JHIFM Distribution, Friday, June 12th

Help Wanted 

Prayers for our church friends:

Dave Deskins, Merle Karlskin, Rick Miller, Dorothy Umstot, Dunmire family, Foggan family, Bob and Sandy Averitt, Helga Therkildsen, Peggy Haines, Dick Huff, Rosemary Purdum, Holly Gordon, Milt & Liz Levy, Kent and Joyce Toole, Jeff Smith, Melodie Peters, Sanna Henderson, Dale and Madonna Opdahl, Jean Willette, Peggy Kinder, Bob & Bunny McCarl, Greg Malak, Donna Thompson, Cindy Sellers, Richard Thomas, Bill and Bobbie Anne Bowersox.

These are family and friends of our congregation requesting prayer: 

Jim McDonald (Burrows), Mondesin Mondesir (Slack), Jodi Davis (Leek), Danny Adams, Kris (D. Davis), First Congregational Church (Hall), Joann Moore (Wingate), Gerry Hand (Weller), Caudill family (Leek/Deskins), Steven Palmer (Palmer), Keith Palmer (Palmer), Julie Morrish (Lawrence), Dan Nichols (Nichols), Sharon Johnson (Deskins), Megan Slack (Slack), Karie Murdie (Shoemaker), Karen Anderson (Nichols), Gina Ramsay (Ramsay),

Ralph McCann (Young), Paul Gordon (Gordon), Michael Rowland (Malak).

FPCL April 2024 Operating account from your Finance & Property Committee:

Income (pledges, unpledged, loose receipts) - $34,513.27

Budgeted Income - $30,079.83

Expenses - $32,431.56

Budgeted Expenses - $37,420.16

6 Friends from FPCL in South Africa

Will you tell us a story?

(Watch for upcoming fellowship dinner and program)

True faith and courage are like a kite - an opposing wind raises it higher.

Please email all submissions for the newsletter to susan@firstpresleesburg.org. For Friday publication, information must be received by Wednesday at noon. Edited by Susan Sapp.

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