JULY 2022
Hunters Woods Dedication and Ribbon-Cutting Celebration
Donor Spotlight
Sun Safety Awareness
Christy's Corner
Community Partner Recognition
88 Vaccinated at Reston Clinic
Living on a Fixed Income
group gathered in front of building entrance cutting a red ribbon
Preservation of the Future!
outside view of new building
On July 21, Fellowship Square debuted its newly renovated Hunters Woods Fellowship House at a “Preservation of the Future” ribbon-cutting celebration, followed by tours of the building. Some 150 residents, donors, volunteers, community partners and other guests gathered to hear remarks about the project’s progress and its impact on the future of affordable housing. 

Among the upgraded spaces are a new front entry and patio area, expanded commercial kitchen, rear patio with new private gardening areas and outdoor exercise equipment, upgraded lobby and common spaces, beauty salon, 12 accessible apartments equipped with new bathrooms, kitchens and flooring, new tenant locker areas with state-of-the-art bike storage; a wellness center, fitness room and new offices.
Two of the newly renovated spaces were dedicated to individuals who contributed years of unwavering support and dedication to ensuring the welfare of older adults: Fellowship Hall dedicated in honor of Rev. Dr. John A. Scherzer; and Fellowship Theater dedicated in honor of Dr. C. David Hartmann
A Deep Commitment to
Caring and Community
Headshot of Marily Voigt
Marilyn Voigt first heard of Fellowship Square through her church, Good Shepard Lutheran Church in 2002. At the time, her church supported Lake Anne Fellowship House in a variety of ways; among other things, they created Thanksgiving boxes, gave residents Christmas gifts, supported fundraising efforts, and provided transportation.

Marilyn volunteered for a variety of different events at Lake Anne. Within her church, she tried to encourage monetary support for Lake Anne, and for many years she oversaw the Angel Tree during Christmas time where she collected gifts for the residents.

Sun Safety Awareness
standing woman on right showing paper to women seated at a table
Lake Ridge
Fellowship House

Nicole Harrison, Lake Ridge Service Coordinator, presented on the benefits of sunscreen for UV Safety month.

Picture: Nicole H., Rochelle M., Maria O., Nilda V.
A volunteer handing a resident a bottle of suntan lotion both are wearing masks
Hunters Woods
Fellowship House

Hunter Woods Fellowship House residents received a handout on how to protect skin during the summer months along with a bottle of sunscreen.  

Picture: Jing L. receiving UV awareness sun protection.
group of people wearing masks sitting at tables
Largo Landing
Fellowship House

On July 25th, Largo Landing Fellowship House residents crafted their own sun hats while learning about UV awareness.

Picture: Shawnisha H., Service Coordinator, is speaking to Largo Landing Fellowship House residents about the importance of protecting their skin in the summer months.  
Can You Hear Me Now?
There’s no question that staying active helps to improve one’s overall health, especially as we age. An article published by the National Institute on Aging reports that physical activity also has a way of slowing down hearing loss.

Keeping the 850+ seniors across all our properties physically active is an on-going priority because of the many benefits. Each month, residents have opportunities for group exercise classes, indoor resident-led seated physical activities, and outdoor nature walks. Through a recent grant from the Van Metre Companies Foundation, we’re able to hire exercise instructors to provide additional senior-friendly activities that improve their strength and balance.

Motivation is the key to any exercise routine – no matter what your age. If you’re looking for a way to give back to your community – and burn calories at the same time – I encourage you to support our efforts to get our seniors moving and participate as a group leader in any number of physical activity volunteer opportunities. We’re always looking for volunteers to assist with regularly scheduled activities, as well as helping us create new ideas on places to walk and trails to explore.

Please find more information about these opportunities on our website – and let us know you’re interested.

With gratitude,
Christy Zeitz
Did You Know with a large question mark
Inflation has reached 40-year highs - just as many vulnerable families are readjusting to life without a boost from government stimulus or protections to keep them from being evicted!

Renee Fairchild — More than a Stylist!
One lady holding a bouquet of flowers standing behind a table full of brown cardboard boxes
Community Partner Renee Fairchild delivered boxes of food and fresh flowers for the Largo Landing Fellowship House residents.
group of five ladies standing together with brown boxes on a table
Renee Fairchild with Largo Landing Fellowship House residents Shirley W., Josephine C., Mattie T. and Ellen P.
While many residents may know her better as the hair stylist at Largo Landing Fellowship House, Renee Fairchild is also an important Community Partner.  With her numerous connections in Prince George’s County, Ms. Fairchild collects excess food and supplies from retailers and shares the bounty with the Largo Landing Fellowship House residents.  While it is hard for her to predict when donations will be available, not a month goes by that Ms. Fairchild doesn’t share something with the residents.  Most recently she donated food including canned goods, rice, noodles and fresh produce (apples, potatoes and celery).  Past donations have included men’s and women’s socks, toilet paper and personal care items, hot breakfast sandwiches, frozen turkeys, fresh salads, and much more.  We are grateful to Ms. Fairchild for thinking of our senior residents and providing food and supplies to help them stretch limited budgets.
88 Vaccinated at Reston Community Center Vaccine Clinic

Jane Kung, Service Coordinator for Hunters Woods Fellowship House, was instrumental in helping some 88 seniors get their second COVID booster vaccinations!  

Read more here …
Living on a Fixed Income
in the Midst of Record Inflation
elderly woman sitting on a couch counting coins on a table
With gas prices on the rise, senior citizens with a lower income are greatly impacted. Not to mention, the cost of food, specifically meat and dairy products, is rapidly going up as well. Inflation means a higher cost of living, and for older adults around the country, that’s something very few can afford. One quarter of seniors are already at risk financially, and scraping together funds for an emergency is impossible. 

Hypothetically, the solution is to live on an extremely tight budget. But what happens when even that is not enough? According to The Washington Post, many retirees between ages 58 and 85 can barely afford the necessities, while nearly 12% of older adults rely on the Social Security Administration for funds. “When you live on a fixed income, you really have to think about money because, bottom line, everything boils down to that.” says Jo Sunderlage, a retired paralegal from Seattle.

That is where non-profit organizations like Fellowship Square come in. Between offering referrals to community resources, to delivering donated food, organizations like this are helping to fight back against poverty and inflation. Fellowship Square provides lower cost living options for seniors on a fixed income and services to help them stay independent. As inflation rises, so too does the need for assistance, donations, and volunteers to help. Won’t you do your part today?

By Kelly Brown, Marketing Intern
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