Summer Celebrations and Milestones
Summer Celebrations and Milestones

Welcome to Our Summer Edition!

The First Half of 2023 has been action packed as we have successfully launched:

  • The Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy
  • An Interactive Partnership and Learning Site
  • A Multi-Platform Social Media Initiative
  • A Pilot Certification Program for Rigor Change-Partners
  • Family Business Transitions Conference Sponsorship

The Best Part?

We are just getting started creating the Leadership Rigor Movement that we hope will gain momentum for both the “Why and How” Leadership Learning Journeys can accelerate growth as well as transform performance and productivity with:

  • Family Businesses
  • Private Companies
  • HR Champions for High Potential Talent Initiatives

We have CRACKED the CODE on designing and delivering Leadership Learning Programs!

Using a proven methodology designed with CEOs and their Executive Leadership teams over the last 15 years, we can assist you in evolving your culture, building your talent bench and energizing COMMUNITY engagement across your enterprise with a customized solution you can smartly scale!


Are you ready to take action + invite your organization on a Leadership Learning Journey?


Let’s connect and start to Rigor It together!


Blast OFF

P.S—If you are not currently leading an organization, please consider connecting us to those who you think can benefit from learning more about our Leadership Rigor Movement! We welcome you as an influencer and advocate!


Exciting News on the Leadership Rigor Academy!

Celebrating Milestones

2 New Clients Launched their Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy Customized Learning Programs in June. One is a Family Business and the other is a Private Company - both are experiencing impressive market growth and realize the importance of investing in their talent for continuing to secure their future with Change-Ready Leaders!

We launched 8 New Teams and 16 Rigornauts have been newly trained along with 11 Mentors who are C-Suite Executives/Owners!

100 New Learners have been enrolled in the Leadership Rigor Academy in the last 30 days!

Engage with Our Partnership and Learning Site!


Have you checked out our interactive site yet? Whether you are a C-Suite Executive or Team Leader, we have curated insightful learning you will want to see and understand!

Visit Now

Stay on the Leading Edge

Top 10 Skills According to World Economic Forum

We address 8 of 10 in Our Academy!

Analytical Rigor

HR Champions

We are with you!

10X Learning ROI With Design Thinking

First Time Sponsorship

Survey Results

Pilot Certification Program Completed!

LR Change Partner

Three NEW “Pilot Partners” have completed Part 1 of a 2 Part Certification Program.

  • We are now engaging with Coaches and Executive Leaders who are interested in enrolling in our October 2023 Pilot Program!

  • Let's schedule an introductory call and we can share more about our multi-tiered revenue sharing program!
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Creating a Leadership Rigor Movement

Our Mission

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Podcast Time

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Happy 4th of July and Canada Day Everyone!

Erica Peitler

Erica Peitler

CEO and Founder

Erica Peitler is a Change-Partner and Growth INFLUENCER with expertise in Designing and Facilitating Customized Leadership Learning Journeys. 

She works with Private Companies, Family Businesses and C-Suite Leaders to navigate life cycle dynamics as they take the transformational steps necessary to achieve their full potential. 

If you are ready to accelerate your ability to operate at a level of operational and organizational excellence, Erica and her team can engage with you on an individual, team or organizational level to achieve breakthroughs in Performance & Productivity!

Named Most Influential Business Person of the Year 2023 by Time Iconic Magazine.

Named Top 10 Most Influential Person in Leadership Consulting 2022 by CIO Views.

Building Relationships is a precursor to Building Partnerships together!

Through our social media efforts, including this newsletter, we hope to give you a sense of where we are passionately creating momentum in the Leadership + Learning World as well as “Why, How and Where” we may be able to assist you and your organization.

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