Retirement Redefined
You can explore the risks, rewards, and realities of modern retirement in “Retirement Redefined”, a 360-degree view of this timely subject of our latest Thought Leadership Research. Among the topics covered are: financial planning, retirement income, longevity, Medicare and healthcare, long term care, and the impact of the COVID pandemic on retirement planning.

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The Ideal Advisor: Why Women Are the Perfect Fit
for the Advisory Industry
Only 15% to 20% of current financial advisors are women. As a woman-owned business focusing on financial services and insurance, Zeldis is exploring the barriers and challenges women face in the advisory industry along with their perceptions of what differentiates them from their male counterparts. Look for the release of the findings of this new Thought Leadership study in September.
Guardian Study: Employee Loyalty Is Strongly Tied To
How Employers Handle COVID-19
Did you know employee loyalty is strongly tied to how employers have been handling COVID-19? The recently released 10th Annual Guardian Workplace Benefits Study reveals that nearly half (49%) of employees who agree their company has handled it well would like to stay at their company for more than a decade, compared to just 28% of those who say their companies have handled it poorly.

The Guardian 10th Annual Workplace Benefits Study was fielded in February and March of 2021 and consisted of two online surveys: one among benefits decision-makers (employers) and another among working Americans (employees). Zeldis Research managed the survey data collection and tabulation for Guardian.
Zeldis Perspectives
Our 30th Anniversary
Zeldis Research Associates is excited to be celebrating the firm’s 30th Anniversary this year.
“We are so thankful for our amazing clients and smart, hardworking and incredibly loyal team,” said Doris Kaiser, Co-Founder and Partner. “It’s incredible how quickly time flies! I feel so blessed to be here and serving this community for such a long time. Our growth over 30 years mirrors their support.”
Zeldis Pet-fluencers
We’re excited to announce our newest Thought Leadership study and Instagram account featuring pets of Zeldis team members and clients. Consistent with "Spirited and Fun", one of our core values that drives how we do business, we’ll be developing a profile of how we care for our animal partners, while taking a lighthearted look at the unique relationships we have with them. Stay tuned for more of this study!
Our Newest Field Operations Manager
Congratulations to Christina Mazzeo on being promoted to Field Operations Manager! As a member of the Field Operations Team, Christina specializes in the project management of qualitative research projects from beginning to end. She continues to impress us with her hard work, dedication and organization.

Meet Our New Team Member
A hearty Zeldis welcome to our newest team member Carolyn Sturm!
Carolyn has been working in the research industry since the start of her professional career in 2018 and joined Zeldis in 2021. She specializes in project management, analysis and report preparation across quantitative and qualitative research methods. 
Her expertise spans a variety of industries, particularly insurance, healthcare, advertising, and consumer goods.
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Zeldis Research can help you do smarter, more impactful research. In turn, this allows your stakeholders to market products and services more successfully to their targets. 

Our deep and broad industry knowledge in the markets we serve, customized solutions blending Qualitative and Quantitative methods, highly responsive boutique size, and actionable results have helped clients effectively improve the development and communication of their products and services.
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