Farewell Mrs. Green

On Monday, June 12th, the students and staff of Rose L. MacDonald Elementary lined the hallways to send off Mrs. Green to retirement! She was overwhelmed with joy to see all of her students and colleagues gathered to celebrate her and will miss them all dearly. Thank you, Mrs. Green, for your many years of contribution to West Bridgewater and we wish you a happy retirement!

Story by Meghan Lotti, BuzzAround Writing Intern, Bridgewater State University
Source and photos from West Bridgewater Public Schools FB
Historical Tidbit:

Life Before Refrigeration
Did you ever wonder how folks were able to have eggs in the winter when chickens stopped laying and there were no supermarkets to run to? Surplus eggs were collected during the spring, summer and fall and stored in crockery containers containing water glass or sodium silicate and water. Water glass is a mixture of sodium silicate and potash. The eggs would be submerged in the liquid, keeping them cool and moist for months until needed.
A little known problem was the use of lead in crockery glazes. Lead was added to glazes for a while to make them shiny, but would leach out into the contents over a period of time.
Food canning was developed in the late 1700's, but it was also plagued by lead poisoning if the cans sat around for any length of time. This was most notably a problem and brought about changes in the industry after WWI. More men suffered from the effects of lead poisoning during and after the war caused by eating old canned rations than there were combat casualties during the war.  
Respectfully Submitted,
David Moore
Town Hall

WB Public Library
Council on Aging

Proof of residency is the only requirement.
1st & 3rd Wednesday each month
1:45 - 3p & 5:30 - 6p
457 rear, South Main St., Suite #1
Louise Dombrowski
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gifts * tea * vintage clothing * reflexology
626 Bedford St (Rt 18) EB

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Whitman Center
Gazebo Concerts and
Children's Fun Nights

Tuesdays June 27th - August 22nd
Town Hall Gazebo and Friendship Park

There will be multiple outdoor concerts and children's fun nights almost every Tuesday evening this summer! The location will vary between the Town Hall Gazebo and Friendship Park. There will be food available at each event. The first concert is Tuesday, June 27th at the Town Hall Gazebo from 6 - 7:30p. Check out Tower Hill's music. The following concert will be Tuesday, July 11th at the Town Hall Gazebo from 6 - 8p and will feature the Songwriters Showcase. Make sure you stop by to enjoy the music and fun! For more information visit WB Cultural Council FB
Tween Paint Night

Wednesday, June 28th
6 - 7:30p
WB Public Library
Does your child love to paint or is interested in learning how to? Ms. Sandy will be running another wonderful paint night, this time for ages 11-17! There are only 15 spots, so register ASAP!

For more information or to register visit WB Public Library Website
Joey Voices
Friday, June 30th
West Bridgewater Council On Aging

Joey, comedic impersonator, is back at the COA by popular demand! Come join us for a fun event full of laughs!

For more information visit WB COA Newsletter
Climate Can-Do: Hydration in the Heat and Refillable Water Bottles

Summer is finally here! Warmer weather, more time outside, and an increase in physical activity…all of which lead to us being thirstier. Drinking enough water throughout the day is always important – our bodies are 50% to 70% water (Mayo Clinic) – and with the hot weather in the coming months, it is especially crucial to avoid dehydration. However, our hydration doesn’t need to come at the expense of our environment. According to Ban the Bottle, Americans throw away 35 billion plastic bottles every year. Additionally, only 5% of our plastics (Greenpeace) get recycled; the rest end up in trash heaps, or are litter and many end up in the ocean.

Refillable water bottles make a real difference close to home; in our drinking water; in our rivers; and right down to the ocean. By switching to refillables instead of buying single-use bottles, you are: cutting down on oil usage needed to manufacture the plastic water bottles; decreasing CO2 put out into the atmosphere through production; reducing landfill waste (University of Colorado Boulder); and decreasing the likelihood of nanoplastics in our tap. You’re also saving money and time by not buying a plastic water bottle every time you’re out and about -$1.25 may not seem like much, but it definitely adds up! If tap water isn’t for you, a filtered water dispenser and a reusable water bottle will soon pay for themselves as you consider the cost of bottled water. Most importantly: Refillable water bottles can decrease pollution in our oceans – the same ones we love to swim in over the summer. It’s an important Climate Can Do to reduce personal plastic waste; opt for refillable bottles instead of single-use plastic ones so we and our environment can flourish!

This Climate Can-Do Article was written by Miriam Heath, BuzzAround Writing Intern, Bridgewater State University. We focus on actions which individuals can do in the face of our climate emergency. We can do!
Farmers Market

Every other Tuesday
June 27th - September 26th
4 - 7p
29 Howard Street

The West Bridgewater First Church will be hosting a farmers market every other Tuesday this summer! There were be many great vendors selling food, crafts, and more!

For more information visit WB Farmers Market FB
Become a WB Cultural Council Member

Why be a member of the West Bridgewater Cultural Council? We are men and women in your community who share a commitment of service, who work together and who are dedicated to make our town a thriving center for cultural events. Our mission is to move, inspire and challenge the community through cultural programing and awareness.
You are welcome to apply to become a member of the West Bridgewater Cultural Council any time throughout the year. The Council is a Town Committee. It is a 3-year commitment with the opportunity to remain for one additional 3-year term. An application (Volunteer Information Form) can be found on the Town of West Bridgewater website, under Committees and Commissions, Cultural Council.
Our next meeting is Wednesday, August 2 at 6:30p at the West Bridgewater Library. If you are interested, you are invited to attend.

The evenings are getting longer and the weather is marvelous!
Enjoy your next meal out on the patio at our
Plymouth Street location.

WB Planning Board Meeting
June 7, 2023
Video courtesy of: WBCAM
WB Board of Selectmen Meeting
June 7, 2023
Video courtesy of: WBCAM
COA Paper Crafting

Friday, July 7th
West Bridgewater Council on Aging

Join Elaine as she teaches participants how to create a luminary bird house! This program is supported by a grant from the Trustees For The Home For Aged Men in the City of Brockton.

For more information visit WB COA Newsletter
David Bates Children's
Musical Performance

Thursday, July 13th
10:30 - 11:30a
WB Public Library

Davis Bates has performed many times with his friend Roger here at the library. This time, he will be performing solo! He's lively and fun and he can certainly make the kids giggle! There will also be a raffle. Ages 3+ and adults are welcome and there is no registration needed! This performance will take place in the Children's Room.
For more information visit WB Public Library Website
Grants Rental
It's Party Time!

Giant Chess or Giant Checkers make a fun way for beginners to learn this traditional game of skill and cunning, and a totally new dimension to the game for established chess lovers.

Work smarter, not harder!

10 Bedford Park, Bridgewater
(508) 279-0950
be; where your feet are
Original & Unique Gifts * Tea * Vintage Clothing * Reflexology

Open: Wed -Thurs: 10a - 6p | Fri 10a - 4p
Sat: 9a - 4p | Sun: 10a - 2p
Additional Hours for Reflexology by Appointment

626 Bedford St (Rt 18) EB
Keith Parsonage
Open House

Sunday, July 9th
12p - 3p
199 Howard Street

Stop by the Keith Parsonage for an open house on Sunday, July 9th! This house was the home of Reverend James Keith. It was built by the town in 1662 and is believed to be the oldest existing parsonage in the United States. Members of the Board of the Old Bridgewater Historical Society will be conducting tours so come and learn about a little West Bridgewater history!

River Walk and Safety Day

On Sunday, June 11th, West Bridgewater's River Walk 2023 and Safety Day was held on River Street! There were bounce houses, yard games, face painting, family photo taking, live music, raffles, and much more! There were also many volunteers that helped run activities. Jill Roman guided walks through Beaverton Woods, Julie Diedrichsen ran a yoga class, and Eric Diedrichsen taught people how to make maple syrup. The live music consisted of Acoustic Idiots, Ric Allendorf, Massachusetts Walking Tour, and Dennis & Dennis. There were also many food options such as lobster rolls and ice cream, Sunshine Lady Coffee Truck and the 2 Jerks Kitchen & Bar Food Truck!

The West Bridgewater Police Department also hosted a Safety Day during the event at the Police Station. Officers educated kids and families on how to stay safe and utilize the tools and services available to them.

The weather was beautiful and the event this year was a total success! Thank you to all volunteers and participants who visited and contributed to the fun, and we can't wait until next year!

Story by Meghan Lotti, BuzzAround Writing Intern, Bridgewater State University

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Summer Afternoons

Theres adventure in the smell of blossoms as we ride our bikes .. taking in the cool evening air. My companion shifts his guitar case making it easier to pedal with. " We're almost there." He yells over his shoulder.
Another half a mile of watching the cracks in the road disappear under my front tire and wind in my face. I'm looking forward to sitting comfortably with a cool drink and listening to the folk music.

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”
~ F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

“It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.” ~ Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy-Tacy and Tib
Enjoy your summer afternoons. They are the spice of life.
~ Jacquie
Photo: An Einstein Sunday Afternoon, Oil on Canvas - J. Rose
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