Happy 4th of July

Schedule Updates

The proposed schedule changes have been approved by the PUC, and additional runs have been opened for July. We will be opening the August schedule this week. A text alert will be sent as soon as it is posted.

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The PUC and our admin email received some comments about keeping the late run (6:45/7:30 PM) on the Sunday Summer schedule. We were able to have helpful dialog with the customers who reached out to us directly and we have hopefully come up with a solution that works for everyone. While the 6:45/7:30 PM run will not be a permanent fixture on the new summer schedule, we are able to add that run periodically and will plan to do so at least monthly for the remaining months of the summer schedule. So far, for July we have added the extra 6:45/7:30 PM run on July 7th.

The summer schedule is below, along with a link to download the printable version.

Extra runs have been added for the week of July 4th, that schedule is below as well.

Printable Summer 2024 Schedule

M/V Roanoke

M/V Roanoke is back in the water with a fresh coat of paint!

With the Roanoke back in the water, we can move onto the final round of inspections before it is approved to enter service. In the interior cabins we are finishing up the bathrooms, installing the lighting, and are awaiting the benches to install. Pending the inspections and paperwork, we hope to begin service with M/V Roanoke in early August. We will continue to provide updates throughout the final inspection process.

Bristol & Prudence Terminal Construction

New England Building and Bridge, who was awarded the bid for the Bristol and Prudence Terminal grant funded work, has experienced delays that have prevented the replacement of the railings and addition of the waiting area in Bristol; and the gallows and piling / fendering work on Prudence from being completed within the original timeline. In a recent meeting, they have agreed to expedite the railings at the Bristol Terminal and the replacement fendering at the Prudence Terminal. The replacement fendering is needed for docking the Roanoke at the Prudence Terminal. We hope to have this work completed in the next couple weeks and will continue to follow up with New England Building and Bridge on the timeline.

Separately from that project, we just completed installing two pile clusters at the Bristol Terminal that are necessary for docking and securing the Roanoke when it enters service. That work was completed by Reagan Marine Construction, shown in the image above.

Package & Freight Deliveries

Prudence and Bay Islands Transport has delivery agreements with UPS, FedEx, FedEx Express and USPS. Package and freight deliveries through other companies are not allowed without prior arrangement with the Prudence Office. A delivery made through another company without prior notice and arrangement may be returned to sender.

Address your packages with your Prudence Island address or PO Box, not the Bristol terminal address. Packages addressed to the Bristol terminal will not make it to Prudence Island.

Please respect your neighbors and their personal items and do not enter the package truck or sort through packages in the back of the truck. All packages must be counted and recorded by crew prior to delivery to the recipient. Additionally, the truck is under surveillance and if any missing packages are reported those could be attributed to the individuals on camera searching through the truck.

Items such as furniture, appliances, lumber, pallets, and packages over 70 lbs. require special handling and often have a freight charge associated with the delivery, these must be arranged with the Prudence Island Office. Do not leave these items at either ferry terminal without speaking to office staff or they may be removed.

Forklift transport is available for large items such as pallets, please call the PI office to setup these deliveries.

Freight items may be transported on steep inclines, in rough seas, and inclement weather conditions, please package freight items securely to handle these conditions. PBIT is not liable for damages to packages/freight items during transport. 

Please also note that, PBIT is not responsible for the safe transport or storage of refrigerated or frozen items. Only refrigerated items shipped via the contracted shippers will be accepted and loaded on board. Shippers of these items should prepare them with proper cool packs and insulated containers to handle ferry transport. These items should be picked up immediately from the PI office. Please utilize tracking numbers and call the Prudence office if you have not received a text alert from us upon notice of delivery.

Notes from Bristol Harbor Master

Please do not use the trash cans in the neighboring parks and the marina in Bristol for the disposal of household trash. This area is under video surveillance.

Notes from P.I Officer Tavernier

Please respect the community and be aware of the posted speed limits. Riding in the back of pickup trucks is not permitted.