Summer 2021 Newest Arrivals & Standout Pieces at Wooden Nickel
All of us here at Wooden Nickel Antiques hope you are getting into the fun and relaxation of Summer. As the season kicks into high gear, we're sharing an update to show you some of our current line-up of the most impressive furnishings and deeorative pieces!

Going forward, Wooden Nickel is open with regular store hours of Monday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We can also meet with you at other times by appointment.

We hope you'll enjoy seeing these highlights and browsing other categories on our website, And you are welcome to enjoy and share this brief video introduction to our store layout, atmosphere, and product variety.

Our staff looks forward to your next visit, call, or email!
Distinctive, Artfully Carved Hall Trees
Here’s an impressive, nine-foot-tall, carved walnut hall tree, with ornate crown, full-length back mirror, and two drip pans A great addition to your home, in any season!

Dimensions: 9'-2.5" (110.5") tall x 66" wide x 19" deep
Large, finely crafted, walnut hall tree, Features include ornate crown with wolf head carving, large shaped back mirror, and marble bench top.

Dimensions: 104" tall x 64" wide x 17" deep

Iron & Brass Art Deco Entry Doors

Outstanding Art Deco iron-and-brass set of entry doors, with ornate scrolls and large, decorative peacock figures. Features an arched upper frame, and lower frame has a brass foot panels along the bottom, inside edge.

Dimensions: 9'-11" (119") tall x 65" wide x 4" deep
Art Nouveau “Lady” Newell Post Light

Lovely Art Nouveau-style, brass Newell post light, with sculpture of mythical nude female and floral light shades on floral-shaped frame. Base includes front inscription that reads “Orchideé”, and also includes artist’s signature, “Telemaque”, engraved directly into the base.

Dimensions: 40" tall x 32" wide x 17" deep
Oak Curio Top Sideboard, with Large Crown & Winged Griffins
Impressive, large, curio top sideboard. Made from oak, this stunning piece includes an elaborate crown, winged griffin braces, carved colonnades, glass cabinets, detailed recess panels, nice brass hardware, and three back mirrors.

Dimensions: 8'-1" (97") tall x 6'-6" (78") wide x 26" deep
Decorative Italian Console Table, with Shaped Marble Top
Ornately carved Italian console table, with shaped, white-grey-pink swirled marble top, and gargoyle carvings.

Dimensions: 35" tall x 57" wide x 26" deep
Spectacular Life-Size “Lady” Windows, by Bogenrief Glass Studios
Wooden Nickel Antiques is proud to represent renowned stained glass artist Mark Bogenrief with these two spectacular mounted glass pieces from his studio, Bogenrief Glass Studios. Both pieces are set in commanding, life-sized box frames, with rear illumination.

Dimensions: 69.25" tall x 49.5" wide x 8.5" deep
Artful Beveled Glass Entry Set

Beautifully crafted, leaded glass entry set, with beveled glass in wood frame. Details include arch designs and Fleur-de-lis emblems set in clear, beveled glass, Frame has rich wood grain and two-sided side support stands on both ends.

Dimensions: 77.5" tall x 62.25" wide x 1.75" deep, plus supports
Fancy Silver-Plated Light, with Grape Relief & Antique Shades

Very fancy, six-chain, silver-plated light, with grape cluster relief and antique frosted shades. Frame consists of highly crafted hanging plate, from which six chains hang, and plate hangs from compound ceiling mount on five chains.

Dimensions: 56" tall x 22" wide (diameter)
Vintage Walnut Half Mantel, with Cast-Metal Cameo with Dog Faces
Classic walnut half mantel, with cast-metal centerpiece with dog faces. Design details include carved trim, with arches, fluting, notches, and recesses.

Dimensions: Main: 72" wide x 53.75" tall x 13.75" deep; Opening: 41" wide x 36.5" tall
Ornate Three-Panel Mirror, with Oval Inset
Nicely filigreed, three-part mirror, with painted gold frame and oval inset mirror. Design elements include intricately carved crown, scrolls, carved column dividers and outer edges, loop chains, and finials.

Dimensions: 46.5" tall x 51" wide x 2" deep
Quarter-Sawn Oak Front & Back Bar
Nice, rich, wood grain oak front and back bar, with single, large back mirror and quarter-sawn sections that emphasize grain patterns. Carved design details include egg-and-dart molding, small double columns, and carved accents. Structure includes wide back counter, plus open center shelves, drawers, and cabinets on the back bar. Also includes front bar includes a brass foot rail and recessed panels.

Dimensions: Front bar: 43.5" tall x 9'-9" (117") wide x 29.5" deep; Back bar: 8'-3" (99") tall x 7'-5.25" x 89.5" wide x 23.5" deep
Artful Pair of Tall Decor Cabinets, with Painted Detail

Pair of tall, carved cabinets, with painted artwork on door panels and trim. Tops of cabinets are carved and highly painted to resemble marble. With their flat tops, the cabinets very versatile, allowing them to be used as pedestals, if you like.

Dimensions: 42.5" tall x 13.5" wide x 18" deep
Glorious English Aesthetic Sideboard, with Curio Top

Elaborate English Aesthetic sideboard, with carved curio top and beveled back mirrors. Crown has curio carving, plus decorative galley railings, and finials on corners.

Dimensions: 7'-5" (89") tall x 59.5" wide x 16.5" deep
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