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The Marks Group, Gene Marks
Gene Marks was such a huge hit a few years ago that we decided to bring him back for another presentation.

Speaking on Thursday, April 7th
An overview of the PP & PE markets - What is going on in these markets and why are prices still so high?

ICIS, James Ray
Recent turbulence in global petrochemicals has demonstrated the sensitivity of key markets to factors such as crude prices and changing sentiment.   James Ray with ICIS will share with us his vast knowledge on the market and what the future may hold.

Speaking on Wednesday, April 6th
Intermodal Cargo
Securement of FIBC's

Walnut Industries Inc., 
Matthew Bullock
Walnut Industries has been developing and manufacturing unique solutions for the transportation industry since 1981. Matthew Bullock will be sharing his expertise on how to prevent damage, meet dangerous goods regulations, minimize injury, liability, and reduce securing costs for FIBCs.  

Speaking on Thursday, April 7th
Latest update on FIBC's made from PET and even rPET (Recycled PET)

Christian Leeb, Starlinger
It's been three years since Starlinger first spoke to our group about a FIBC made from 100% PET.   There have been many developments since that initial presentation and Starlinger will be updating the attendees on all the latest PET FIBC news.                                          
Speaking on Wednesday, April 6th  
One Company's Journey to Achieve FSSC 22000 and ISO 9001 for Food Grade FIBCs

Propex Fabrics de México,
Ramon Acosta
Food safety guidelines for FIBCs have been a hot discussion topic at our meetings for many years.  Ramon Acosta with Propex has kindly offered to share their trials and tribulations on the road to achieving FSSC 22000 certification.                                                 
Speaking on Wednesday, April 6th  
FIBC Recycling Update

KW Plastics, Jason Richburg
KW Plastics converts used FIBCs into resin pellets for use in other products.  KW has been converting/recycling FIBCs for many years now and Jason Richburg will take a few minutes to update the group on how things are going and the challenges they have encountered along the way.       
Speaking on Thursday, April 7th  
Heading Guidelines Committee

Danny Hoch (Elway Industries)
Committees will now be part of the full meeting and at this meeting we will be reviewing some new safe handling pictograms and a draft of a new consolidated version of the handling guidelines.
Committee Meeting will take place with the Full Group on Wednesday, April 6th     
E-Learning Module Committee

Jay Todd (Service Thread)
Garry Smith (Syn-Tex)
Punit Gopalka (Umasree Texplast)
We'll be updating everyone on the groups efforts to create an e-learning module based on the FIBC Design Guide.
Committee Meeting will take place with the Full Group on Thursday, April 7th      
UV Study Committee

Gerardo Ruiz (Propex)
Philippe Combier (Propex)
Propex will be presenting the results from a study they did comparing the UV sensitivity of HALS loaded PP at 200 hr & 300 hr UV exposure.  Philippe Combier provided a summary during the last committee meeting but only a small group got to see the results.  We'll also be discussing the progress of the expanded study.

Committee Meeting will take place with the Full Group on Thursday, April 7th      
Global FIBC Market Data 
Import and export data will be presented for countries around the world.  
Networking Events
A welcome reception will take place on Wednesday evening (light appetizers & open bar) and another on Thursday evening.  It's a perfect opportunity to get to visit before heading out for dinner.  There will also be a networking breakfast and lunch on Thursday. 
FIBCA Golf Tournament
The FIBCA golf tournament will take place at the world famous Doral Red Tiger Course.