February 2018
Our Mission!
Improving the lives of children, adults, and families impacted by mental health and substance use disorders.

It appears winter is not relinquishing its grip anytime soon. After you've read the newsletter, take advantage of the indoor down time to peruse Arundel Lodge's Staff Picks Reading List .
Expanding Telemental Health
Arundel Lodge is proud to announce that its Telemental Health Program is now available to Deaf and hard of hearing individuals (HOH) across the state of Maryland. Arundel Lodge has been providing telemental health services for Deaf and HOH individuals on the eastern shore of Maryland for the past five years with financial support from Midshore Behavioral Health. Deaf and HOH individuals have been able to go to a partner agency, and through a video conferencing system engage with a therapist, fluent in American Sign Language, who is located at our main campus in Edgewater. Currently, there are six sites for clinic-based telemental health services in Easton, Chestertown, Cambridge, and Salisbury.
Emotion Regulation Impacts Easting Disorder Prevention
by Emily Broadwell, MDiv, MSW, LGSW
February 26th through March 4th is Eating Disorder Awareness Week. With at least 30 million Americans experiencing an eating disorder in their lifetime ( Eating Disorders Coalition), it is well worth a look at current research that helps identify causes and prevention.
The Glimpse: A Look Inside Mental Health
On February 15, in partnership with the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), Arundel Lodge held its second speaker series presentation, "The Glimpse: A Look Inside Mental Health."

Speaker, Elise Banks, M.S., LPC, a licensed therapist and winner of Miss International 2015, held audience attention with information on the importance of self-care and her personal experience with stigma in the African American community surrounding mental illness. Ms. Banks began her Healthy Mind—Successful Life! platform during her 2015 Miss International rein and has continued speaking internationally.

Thank you to Arundel Lodge Pillars, Karen Osborne for helping to make this event possible and to Janet West for her help in setting up for the event! We could not provide this important outreach without the help of our community.
Arundel Lodge Executive Director, Mike Drummond; Guest Speaker, Elise Banks; NAMI Executive Director and Arundel Lodge Board Member, Fred Delp
Arundel Lodge Executive Director, Mike Drummond; Guest Speaker, Elise Banks; NAMI Executive Director and Arundel Lodge Board Member, Fred Delp
Arundel Lodge Executive DIrector, Mike Drummond addresses guests
Guest Speaker, Elise Banks
Arundel Lodge Pillar,
Karen Osborne
Arundel Lodge FAQ

Arundel Lodge receives many recurring questions from community members wanting to know more about what we do, those we serve, and the programs and services we offer. We are pleased to provide the community with answers in this section, If you have any questions, email them to  "I Have a Question" and we will do our best to answer them. You may even see your question in our next newsletter!
Staff Corner
Alexis Busler 
by John DiCocco, Asst. Supported Employment Program Manager

Alexis Busler is this month's featured employee, representing the Supported Living Program as a Rehabilitation Specialist since July 2016.
When asked how she felt working at Arundel Lodge, Alexis responded, “I love working here! My coworkers are awesome. I have, what I think, are the best managers ever in the Supported Living Program.” Alexis cited the departure of the previous Program Manager, Rachel Keller, while praising the program’s current leadership team; Krystal Christ and Samantha Hackley. When it comes to Alexis’ clients, she had this to say: “They’re awesome, and I enjoy being able to help them as much as possible!”
Alexis’ role as a Rehabilitation Specialist allows her to assist persons served in their respective communities. She meets with them face-to-face in their home, or out in the community, to assist with case management services such as applying for Social Security benefits, connecting with the Department of Social Services for services such as food stamps, locating affordable housing, and helping clients to become more independent in the long-term. The services that Alexis and other Rehabilitation Specialists provide are paramount in helping clients develop a sense of independence and is central to the Recovery Model philosophy which Arundel Lodge follows.

Alexis’ favorite part about her role at Arundel Lodge is something I share as well; the ability to work in the community with different resources and services towards a common goal. She says, “Being able to go out into the community is my favorite part about this job. I get to interact with multiple individuals and make strong connections in the community.” The effectiveness of working in the community is evident in the constant progress being made by clients working toward their goals.
I asked Alexis to impart some advice for future employees of Arundel Lodge. She suggests, “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. No one expects you to come into the job knowing everything. We all learn together when someone asks questions."
Finally, I asked Alexis about her hobbies. She shared that she enjoys hanging out with friends and playing on a kickball league for the city of Annapolis. “A lot of people at the Lodge play in the league with me, too,” she says. Alexis added that spending time outside hiking or hanging by the pool, are other favorites, “Basically, if it’s outside I love doing it!”
Thank you so much to Alexis for sharing her experience with Arundel Lodge. Here’s to many more years to come!
Volunteer Opportunities
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Community Happenings
Clean Air Fair

Arundel Lodge hosted a Clean Air Fair on January 24th for staff and persons served. The event, sponsored by Anne Arundel Medical Center and presented by Lauren Rodriquez and Tuesday Tynan, used real lungs to illustrate the impact smoking has on healthy tissue.

Display showing diseased vs clean lungs
Alphonso & Lois learning about the lungs
Tima reading about the consequences of smoking
Magnificent Mug Monday!

Congratulations to Dawn Padon, the winner of the January Arundel Lodge Newsletter challenge. Thanks for reading!

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