This month we tell you the best defence for uninvited winter critters and even include a bonus tip,  Oh! and the Trendy Homeowner makes its return.

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September's News 
September has been quite a busy month, our most successful September to date. We've had the oppurtunity todo jobs this month that we haven't seen in the 5 years of My Go-2-Guy. Just another reasons we love what we do. The Scouting season is back in full swing and Erik is working with the Cubs again, you can see what he built for them on our Facebook page. Lastly we'd like to thank you all for reading our newsletter, Constant Contact (our email service) keeps track of our statistics and according to them our reader rate is 20% above the average ! We truly appreciate your loyalty and support. 

Tip of the Month

Fall is upon us and that means it's time protect our homes from the rodents that will soon be looking for a warn place to stay through the winter. Here are some tips to do just that. 

Staying Vermin Free Through The Cold
Handyman Humour

September is coming to an end and the colder weather is well on it's way. School have been running for a few weeks and the fun of summer is a distant memory... So we thought we'd open with some handyman humour. 

I love carving in my spare time, and  decided to carve a rocking horse as a gift for our soon to be grandchild. As the horse started taking shape, my neighbour noticed what I was up to. "You must have grandchild on the way," he called over to me.
        "Our first," I replied, with a grin.
        "I have six, and let me tell you, after the first two, you'll buy something plastic at Wal-Mart."

The Trendy Homeowner: Minimalist

Minimalist design has long been popular in Scandinavia, and it has started making it's way over the Atlantic into our homes in astounding fashion. The basic concept of minimalist design is simply put "less-is-more", switching from beige neutrals and bright colours to shades of grey and pastels, like in the picture on the right. According to Lyndsey Matthews grey hardwood floors have been trending on Pinterest, up 20% from last year. This is why you may have noticed more grey toned hardwoods in the Home Depot and on the web. So if you are looking to renovate or redecorate you may want to think about the minimalist approach. This trend seems to be here for an extended stay.  
Bonus Tip : Don't neglect your lawn! Now is the time to lower your mower blade, rake out the dead grass from that harsh summer and lay down that fall fertilizer. Don't forget to water regularly! When the leaves start to fall, don't be afraid to put or leave the mulching attachment on your mower. Mulching the leaves into your lawn is great for the soil and your grass.