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A NORC study shows most older adults experience anxiety and frustration while selecting long-term care. Read the latest coverage on the recent study commissioned by Nexus Insights.
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"The Nexus report may come to be seen as an opening manifesto in a drive toward finally addressing this crisis [the consumer frustration when facing a long-term care situation and not knowing where to turn and who to trust for information and guidance]."
Paul Irving, Bob Kramer, Jacquelyn Kung, and Ed Frauenheim share seven principles to attract and retain older frontline workers in Harvard Business Review.

In a PBS interview that aired 20 years ago, Nexus Fellow Dr. Bill Thomas said, “There has to be a commitment to ongoing growth…Even the frailest, most demented, most feeble elder can grow…And those words, human growth, nursing home, they’ve never gone together before.”

Drawing on his research, as well as his work on a commission with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Nexus Fellow Dr. David Grabowski made recommendations for reform to improve the situation for caregivers and residents going forward.

Coordinating care for aging loved ones is a complicated and frustrating task for families. And the problem is growing. According to a recent article in Next Avenue, “It generally starts with a crisis: Your parent shows signs of dementia…or is about to be discharged from a serious hospital stay…or requires help with daily activities of living. What do you do? Where do you turn? It's the little-discussed part of long-term care that leaves many of the nation's 22 million family caregivers for older loved ones bereft and befuddled.”

Jan 23-25
Bob Kramer, Sarah Thomas, Jill Vitale-Aussem
Mar 1-3
Bob Kramer, Anne Tumlinson, Sarah Thomas
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