Dedicated to Michael
"Gentle Souls"
The last month has been emotionally difficult because of the death of a very special and dear friend. It will take a very long while for the sadness to pass, so every morning I start my day with a cheerful "good morning sweet Michael". He loved this painting and really was one of those gentle souls.

Tucson Rodeo
"Boots And Chaps"
The rodeo rolls into Tucson in February and it is such a big thing here that the schools are closed for the week. Here is one of my paintings now available in archival prints and on archival canvas. This was another favorite of Michaels.
Original Art
"Shades of Blue"
Well, my journey using oils for the first time is sometimes "oh, I think I got it" to "what the ....". Some subject matter presents an easy transition and some makes me feel like I forgot how to paint. I keep at it because I know I will turn the corner with persistence and determination. Also, I feel the presence of Michael around my art studio encouraging me to just keep painting. He never got to see this finished painting but I know he would have loved it.

"Catch a Falling Star"
November 3rd and 4th in Tucson is our open studio tour and a fun time to enjoy and meet our local artists. I will be displaying my art at Jane Hamilton Fine Art on Skyline Drive in Tucson and presenting my new work to kick off the holiday art season. Please join us for live demonstrations, meet the artist and perhaps drop off at Wild Garlic or Tavalino for a delicious lunch or dinner.
Shop Art
"Golden Hours"
With the holidays fast approaching I have updated my shop with many paintings that are now available in various fine art reproductions. A 15%Holiday coupon (ends 11/30) is available for all prints and originals that I am selling directly.
My message this month is just enjoy life and take whatever comes your way as another opportunity, no matter how difficult. Learn, laugh, love and more than anything just be grateful. I miss you Michael.