June 2018
Lincoln Street Elementary Wins the
Tucker Mountain Challenge
Students from Keith Schmitt's 4th grade class at Lincoln Street Elementary School in Exeter recently received their $2,000 prize for winning the 2018 Tucker Mountain Challenge. Their quart of maple syrup was judged on density, color and taste. Representatives from the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association and New Hampshire Agriculture in the Classroom were on hand for the presentation. Mrs. Estle's 4th grade class joined the festivities to be recognized for their help with the project. When asked about the process, students agreed they had the most fun collecting the sap. Along the way, they learned about temperature, climate, density, history and more. The prize money will be used for a new finisher and a new filter canister to supplement their new evaporator. Congratulations to everyone!
School to Farm Days In Full Swing
Over 1,500 fourth grade students from six New Hampshire counties have been traveling to local farms for a day of hands-on agricultural education. Classes spend 15 minutes at a station learning about an agricultural topic such as dairy, maple, soil, hydroponics, history, horticulture, chickens or horses and then rotate to the next station. Agricultural professionals run the stations and offering demonstrations and activities. Teachers commented on how engaged their students are and the connections they make to classroom curriculum.
meeting a working steer
learning to tap a tree
farm tools thru history
how pumpkins grow
carding wool
Vermicomposting grades K-2
The class will create a worm bin which will serve as a basis for investigations about ecosystems, life and nutrient cycles, and decomposition

Students will explore different cultures around the world, compare worldwide communities with local communities, and explain the interrelationship between the environment and community development. 

grades 9-12
Students will expand their knowledge of microbial growth and scientific food preservation methods to learn how honey can serve as an antibacterial agent.

Travel with nine-year-old Mason as he shows what it's like to be a part of a farm family and to bring produce to the Farmers Market! Watch this video to see how their produce is grown and sold at the farmers market.

N ational Ag in the Classroom Conference
June 26-29 in Portland, ME

Belknap County School to Farm Day
September 18th
Ramblin' Vewe Farm in Gilford


Project Learning Tree GreenWorks Grants: Project Learning Tree offers GreenWorks! grants up to $1,000 to schools and youth organizations for environmental service-learning projects that link classroom learning to the real world. Students implement an action project they help design to green their school or to improve an aspect of their neighborhood’s environment. Application due September 30th

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