A Note from Scott and Marsha
January 7, 2021
Happy New Year from all of us at FGS! Let's get this party started. Oh wait ... party's still on hold, but we will overcome it through all things green! We will plant our late winter seeds. We will plan our future veggie gardens. We will cater to our houseplants. We will talk to our shrubs and begin pruning those that need a fresh trim. We will do our January chores in the sunshine when it isn't cold and raining. We will decide if we need to be a landscape designer for those dull and boring areas. We are GARDENERS. Hear us ROAR!  

Speaking of roaring, here is our first 2021 funny. When Scott says, "Marsha, I almost peed my pants today at work!", I know it will be a great story. 

To frame this, we have a lower spot where employees park and sometimes when we have too much rain (like 5 inches over Christmas break), occasionally a car will get stuck. Most employees who park there know to stay on the upper side of the ridge and it won't happen. But Shannon, our Accountant, parked and didn't think about it. Her van was stuck and she needed help getting out. Scott and Dylan were outside and Amanda was walking up. Hence, the Dream Team to the rescue.  

I now turn this story over to Amanda. Because I could only get part of the story that night from Scott because he could not stop laughing.  Amanda???? 

Amanda: Well, let me tell you...Scott had already told us on the way over to the van that we were going to get muddy. I imagined this in the form of Shannon's tires spinning and mud flying and all of us getting dirty. The way it played out was not this way. Shannon was at the wheel, reversing at the perfect speed, hence no wheels causing mud to fly. Scott, Dylan and I were all at the hood, pushing with all our might. The van moved, like two inches. We took a quick break and tried again. Another two inches. Then Scott, in all of his bravado, went over to the passenger side door, opened it up and started pushing there, so he could get his shoulder behind it, get a little more grass under his feet, and all that... He pushed. Dylan pushed. I pushed...but then my feet hit a particularly slippery spot and slid out from under me. I hit the mud. HARD. Shannon gasped, "Are you okay?!?!" Dylan and Scott, on the other hand, both burst out laughing. Scott (who couldn't fully see me from where he was) was imagining that I would stand up, covered from head to toe, and especially face, with mud. Thankfully, I caught myself and only my knees, shins, shoes and hands were covered with mud. I had to laugh a bit too, and I was very thankful there was no mud face-plant as Scott had imagined. And no...I didn't go running back inside. I got up and kept pushing. Apparently, getting a little muddy was the ticket. With the next great heave, we got her out. At this point, I did retreat to the office, Dylan and Scott still laughing behind me as I went. I might have been muddy, but I was proud to have been a tiny part of helping Shannon out of the mud.  :)

Marsha: Let me also add ... we shall see who has the last laugh. Because I have Amanda's back and I'm not afraid to throw a mud ball when necessary and set it up on video!  

Really, this is what we do around FGS. We keep trucking along until one of us gets stuck in the mud, and then we pitch in a help. We work together to get things done.  We laugh. And occasionally, one of us gets a little dirty through work or getting hit with a mud ball. In the meantime, if you happen to make it to the garden center this week, you might find us all a little dirty as we are flipping more spaces. Something exciting is on the horizon we think you are going to love. I mean, really, really love. Stay tuned while you finish your January plant chores.
Sansevierias, commonly known as Snake Plants, are some of our favorite houseplants. They come in so many different varieties, and Judy is always on the lookout for the latest unique type. Besides the versatility, Sansevierias are such an easy houseplant to care for. They do not require frequent watering and can handle medium to low light conditions. Be careful not to overwater, as this is the mistake people most often make in Sansevieria care.
Camellia Japonica is a Southern favorite. This shade-loving beauty blooms in early spring when few other plants are blooming. The Japonica blooms vary in color or shape, but most are shades of pink. One we have available is the April Rose, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Camellias like to be planted where they will be protected from winter winds. They can tolerate some sun. In fact, too much shade can prohibit blooms.
You look around the room and see plants everywhere. It seems there is no more space for plants. WRONG! Look up! All you need is macrame or hanging planters to add more space for plants. If you aren't the plant hoarding type, and still have plenty of room for plants, we still think that macrame and hanging planters are a great idea for displaying your plants. Not to mention, macrame and hanging planters are trending. So get with the times! :)
If you are thinking now is not the right time to plant, think again!
You can plant year-round with success in our area.
January is here! You know what that means. Yes...2020 is behind us. But that also means there is a to do list for your lawn and garden. We know how wet it has been, but once it dries out a bit, plan to get outside for a few hours and take care of some important tasks! Read our January To Dos blog post here. And plan for a sunny day! Vitamin D for the win!
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