Striker Systems Newsletter

July 12, 2022


We are pleased to announce that Release 2023 of all Striker Systems software products will be released soon. This includes our STRIKER CAD/CAM, FAB Professional and DIE Professional products. If you are a Technology Assurance Program member your organization will receive delivery announcements via email within a matter of weeks.    

  • For those of you on STRIKER CAD/CAM (our AutoCAD OEM based solution), be aware that this upgrade will be to Release 2023. Our development team was able to incorporate the AutoCAD OEM 2023 platform ahead of schedule, so we are able to go from Release 2021 directly to Release 2023. 

  • The 2023 Release will be available via download only unless you request a DVD. We will contact your company in the coming weeks with download details.

  • You can find a STRIKER CAD/CAM & FAB Professional 2023 feature list at the following link:

<< Click here for STRIKER CAD/CAM & FAB Professional 2023 Feature List >>

If you aren’t currently a Technology Assurance Program member, now is the time to act to save money prior to the official release of our 2023 line of products. If you would like a quote to upgrade and add the Technology Assurance Program, reach out to Karen Harper at for additional information and pricing.  

Autodesk Ceases License Activation

For our customers running AutoCAD:  In 2019, Autodesk announced its phased plan to end activation for outdated versions. Beginning July 1, 2022, Autodesk will no longer support perpetual license activation for versions 2011 to 2014. If you are running AutoCAD Release 2014 or earlier, note that after July 1st you will no longer be able to activate these licenses. If you are actively using one of these earlier products and you would like to discuss your path forward, please give us a call at 800-950-7862 or email us at  

New Service for Technology Assurance Program Members

COMING SOON - We are currently working on a new service as we continue to add value to our Technology Assurance Program. As you are aware, Striker Systems products provide numerous output reports. For SS-PUNCH and SS-PROFILE there is a setup report that is created for each NC program generated. We also deliver SS-NEST with several different report templates that you can select from. What you may not know is that we have many report templates that have been created over the years that do not ship with Striker software. This includes reports with data just rearranged a bit, reports that include job and part barcodes, part labels, etc. We want to make all these report templates available to our Technology Assurance Program members. We’ll be placing them in our Information Center with a description and sample and you’ll be able to download as you like. If you’re a Technology Assurance Program member, watch for the announcement as to when this service will go live!

Striker Systems Productivity Training

Are you taking advantage of all that the Technology Assurance Program has to offer? Striker Systems offers FREE Productivity Training Sessions for all active Technology Assurance Program customers. The Productivity Training is now virtual which allows a greater opportunity for Technology Assurance Program customers to actively participate from any location. 


The Productivity Training sessions are conducted once per month with sessions available for SS-Punch/Nest and SS-Profile/Nest. The August and September sessions are now open for registration with limited availability. (See link below) 

>> Click here for the Productivity Training Registration <<