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It has been known for thousands of years in many healing traditions that emotional stress effects health. The Chinese associate the kidneys with fear(when we are scared to death we wet our pants) the liver with anger (the underlying emotion in alcoholism) and the lungs with grief (the most common cause of death in the elderly is lung related or should we say grief related). The Chinese were clear that these very physical responses could in fact have emotional roots. We now know...MORE

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Think Stress can't have lasting affects?

Here are some common MYTHS you might have heard. 

"It is Health that is real wealth  and  not
pieces of gold and silver." Mahatma Ghandi


7 Proven Stress Strategies

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Any form of physical activity acts as a stress reliever. You don't have to be an athlete or run a 5K to realize some amazing health benefits. Moving pumps up your feel-good endorphins and when you're feeling good you don't react to the little things as much. This gives your entire system a much needed rest from stress.

Don't self medicate. 
A lot of us reach for the refrigerator door, the cigarette, or the liquor cabinet when it all seems too much to handle. But extra weight, tobacco smoke, and the unhealthy side effects of too much alcohol only compound the problem. They actually do NOTHING to lessen your stress and in fact keep your body in a stressed state.

During the meditation process you quiet the stream of jumbled and troublesome thoughts that can crowd your mind and cause stress. Positive affirmations and reassuring yourself can be essential. 

Help someone else.  
It's long been known that when you help others and you feel good about yourself those wonderful natural endorphins get released. It might seem counterintuitive to help someone else when you feel like you need help, but it works.

Connect with others.  
Sometimes when we're stressed we hold it all in and think it will just go away. It is actually a great stress reliever to be with people who make you happy. So here's permission to take that coffee break with a friend.

When you laugh it not only lightens your mental load but also causes some good physical changes in your body. Laughter cools down the body's harmful stress responses. So even if you have to 'fake it 'till you make it' force that  guffaw.

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