Streets Alive! Set Up Info, Parking
Be sure to look for a September 5 e-newletter
with exhibitor & entertainer locations and entertainment schedule
What to Bring

What is provided:

Exhibitors will have tables provided for them with name placards.  We do our best to put everyone in a shade spot, but the sun will change positions.  Bring a canopy if you wish, or you may readjust your table to move out of the direct sun, if needed.

Exhibitors must bring:


Information or handouts about your organization

Electrical source if needed

We encourage:

Family friendly games or activities that demonstrate your mission

Don't bring:

In regard to food, please don't bring candy, soda, sports or energy drinks, or homemade goodies as a giveaway.  You may hand out fruit or bottled water, if you like. 

No selling:

Please do not sell services, ticket/raffles, or products at Streets Alive. Farmers' market and food court vendors may sell produce and food within the food court.  Only fund-raising for the Streets Alive/ Belmont Community Development Project is allowed with prior approval.

Rules Reminder


Streets are closed but participants should watch for vehicles, children, pets and other normal hazards. Streets Alive! is not held liable for participants' failure to be watchful. No weapons. No smoking.



Take care on the streets and sidewalks; watch for others. Dispose of litter and pet waste in responsible ways.



Use family-friendly language; be considerate of others.



Please recycle in the bins along the route.

Thanks to our Sponsors!!

Bryan Health

CHI Health St. Elizabeth 


Great Plains Trails Network
Lincoln Industries
LNKTV Health
NeighborWorks of Lincoln
UBT - Union Bank & Trust
 Route Sponsors
  Belmont Recreation Center
Great Plains Bicycling Club
Lincoln Concrete Specialist
Makovicka Physical Therapy
Nebraska Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Nebraska Safety Council/WorkWell
Nebraska Sign
RD Lawn and Tree Service
South Lincoln Dermatology
Whole Foods

Exhibitor Information
Set Up, Parking, Booth Locations
When to Arrive, How to Get to Your Spot 
Exhibitors  should set up between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm.  During this hour, you are able to drive your car closer to your assigned booth area to unload for the event. Volunteers will be available to help you.  After 12:30 pm ,  you will not be able to drive on blocked off streets. 



Find a list of parking lots and what streets will be closed off after 12:30 PM below.


Staffing Your Booth, Booth Locations

Please staff your booth for the entire event - as visitors will come and go throughout the day. Otherwise, you'll miss a great promotion opportunity!  A map with exhibitor locations will be sent on Sept. 5


More questions or to download a route map, visit our FAQ page.


Performer/Fitness Information

Set Up, Parking, Performance Locations
When to Arrive, Performance Locations
Performers will have 15 minutes before their performance and 15 minutes after their performance to set up and take down unless other arrangements have been made.  The stages will be ready, so both should be minimal. There will be volunteers staffing information booths near your stage to assist you if you have any questions.  
A map with entertainer locations and a performance schedule will be sent on September 5.
More questions, or to download a route map visit our FAQ page.
Where to Park 
Find a list of parking lots and where streets will be closed off after 12:30 PM below.
Food Vendor Information

Set Up Time, Location, Parking
When to Arrive
Food vendors and farmer's markets can unload and set up  in the "food court", the Educare parking lot, 3435 North 14th (adjacent to Belmont Elementary) between 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM on the festival date.  View or download a route map here. 
More questions or to download a route map, visit our  FAQ page.
Where to Park 
Food vendors will park in the Educare parking lot where you are set up. A list of what streets will be closed off after 12:30 PM is below .
Parking Info
- Belmont Elementary School (N. 14th and Manatt - north side of school)
- Praise Chapel Church (N. 12th & Fairfield)
- Max E. Roper Park (8th & Judson)- Parking lot is within route/may leave after 5pm
- Belmont Baptist Church (3424 N.14th - across from Belmont School)

- St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church (3330 N.13th)
- Belmont Community Center (N.12th & Knox) - Parking lot is within route/may leave after 5pm
- Goodrich Middle School (2200 Dodge - off 22nd and Superior)
*Please note: You can find these lots noted on the 2017 event map when it is sent on September 5 . There is also on-street parking available on the route, however you won't be able to leave until the end of the event at 5 PM if you park within the route.
- N. 12th Street (Judson St. to Knox St.)
- Knox Street (Judson St. to N. 9th St.)
- N.9th (from Knox St. to Benton St.)
- Judson (from N.9th to Max E. Roper Park)
- Groveland ( from Max E. Roper Park to N.9th)
- Benton Street (N.9th St. to N.13th St.)
- N.13th (Benton St. to Manatt St.)
What we do:
Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln (PHL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health, wellness, and fitness of our community. We collaborate with other organizations on joint projects to improve health by increasing physical fitness, promoting good nutrition, supporting breastfeeding, and improving cancer screening and vaccination rates.
Our work includes improving health and wellness policies, conducting community level research, and evaluation of the success of local health initiatives. 
Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln
4600 Valley Rd, Ste. 250 , Lincoln, NE  68510
Office: 402-430-9940     Fax: 402-483-4802      Email: