Street Maintenance Project: Slurry Seal Schedule

Based on favorable weather conditions, the next phase/treatment of the current street maintenance project will commence on Tuesday, March 26th. This phase is anticipated to be completed within the first two weeks of April.

Please take note of the following points regarding this phase:

  • Scheduled Dates and Streets:

Attached to this email are maps outlining the respective streets scheduled for treatment on specific dates. Please review them carefully to know when your street will be affected.

  • Curing Time:

It's essential to be aware that the curing time for this next surface treatment is longer, approximately 3-4 hours after application. During this period, we kindly request your cooperation in avoiding driving or walking on the treated surfaces.

  • Street Restrictions:

After the application, there will be temporary street restrictions in place. These restrictions are necessary to ensure the integrity of the treatment is not compromised and to prevent the slurry from being damaged or tracked onto unintended surfaces. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these restrictions.

  • Potential Schedule Changes:

While we aim to adhere to the outlined schedule, please be aware that unforeseen circumstances such as weather changes may necessitate adjustments. In the event of any schedule changes, the Town will promptly send out additional notifications to keep you informed.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work to enhance the quality of our streets. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the street maintenance project, please contact the project hotline at 602-245-6270 and identify your specific location and concern.

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