Stream for Dreams provides an opportunity for gamers (or anyone who livestreams) to fundraise to make dreams come true. We've created a toolkit, guidelines, and resources to get you started on your own charity stream for the Children’s Dream Fund today!
A peer-to-peer fundraising event where broadcasters stream live video content online while encouraging viewers to donate to a specific nonprofit
You have the potential to make dreams come true for kids with your talents as a content creator. Whether you play games, create art, make funny videos or simply chat and share with your community - all content creators can make a difference in our community!
If you're familiar with livestreaming
If you know someone who livestreams
If you follow any celebrities or streamers who raise money for charities while they stream
If you have kids or friends that game and would want to do a birthday stream dedicated to fundraising for Children's Dream Fund
Streaming isn't only for those who play video games... Anyone on streaming video can help raise money to help make a dream come true.
Tons of activities can all be recorded and shared with an audience of your followers, friends and relatives. See below for some ideas of what you might share with your online community:
  • Painting (Know any local artists?)
  • Cooking (Are you a local chef?)
  • Playing music (Are you or your kids in a band? Or do you have connections to one?)
  • Dancing
  • Hula Hooping
  • Knitting (or other hobbies)
  • Simply chatting about our organization!
Let's make some dreams come true!