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February 2020 Newsletter

Darcy Misiak Bien, Strategic Planner
         Darcy Bien 

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Honoring a remarkable professor.  
   By Darcy Bien
One of my most influential Harvard Business School Professors, Clay Christensen, died last month of complications from cancer treatment. I still refer to his teachings today - resource allocation is a big one from him and fringe thinking! He was the best at 4X4 matrixes to explain everything. His research focused on management theory, strategy, and disruptive innovations - how industries change. He was amazing.  
Professor Christensen was also very purpose-driven by his faith and values. In 2012 he wrote  How Will You Measure Your Life?, a book that supports work on both personal and company core values and purpose.
I thought you'd enjoy this article that's been circulating due to his recent passing. It is a great reminder of what really, really matters.  
Points to think about:
  • Do you have a strategy for life? How do you prioritize what is really important (your spouse, your children, your family, you)?
  • What are your clear tenants to live by (core values) and your purpose in life?
  • How do you allocate your resources? Where do you spend your time (at work, building a relationship with your spouse, your children, achieving more)?
  • What culture are you creating? "Families have cultures, just as companies do. Those cultures can be built consciously or evolve inadvertently."
  • Remember the importance of Humility. Christensen writes, "I was asked to teach a class on humility at Harvard College. I asked all the students to describe the most humble person they knew. One characteristic of these humble people stood out: They had a high level of self-esteem. They knew who they were, and they felt good about who they were. We also decided that humility was defined not by self-deprecating behavior or attitudes but by the esteem with which you regard others."

Stretch Strategic Leaders 2-Day Workshop™  
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 Facilitators: Darcy Bien & Cyndi Wineinger
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