Strategic Planning October Update

Dear Campus Community,

The Strategic Planning Task Force is currently working to craft our strategic plan for the next five years (2023-2028) and is excited to share the following updates and engagement opportunities.
Summer Research and Subgroups
This past summer the Strategic Planning Task Force met to research and dive deep into who we are as an institution. We gathered data via presentations, tours, and reports. STCC employees from across The College were invited to present an overview of efforts as well as opportunities and challenges. The Task Force toured different areas of campus to reacquaint ourselves with and learn about the many resources STCC offers.

Meeting agendas, minutes, and presentations as well as data sources, and strategic planning guides can all be found on the Strategic Planning STCCNet Portal page.
Fall Engagement Opportunities
We have held several engagement opportunities this fall and hope you will join us for our upcoming engagement events.
Trends in Higher Education Workshop
As part of Professional Day, our planning partner CampusWorks led discussions on trends in higher education, identifying themes related to enrollment, student success, technology, and accountability that can support institutional transformational objectives.
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Survey
A survey was sent to all employees (and select external constituents) to gather input on their thoughts on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that STCC should consider while developing the strategic plan. Results from the SWOT Survey are currently being reviewed by the Strategic Planning Task Force and will be used to inform the topics discussed at the Future Summit (description below), as well as the strategic priorities included in the strategic plan.
Defining the Student Experience

A workshop with students and employees was held to define the ideal student experience as well as barriers to this experience. A succinct and motivational document that articulates the vision for the student experience is being developed based on the data gathered in the workshop.

Week of October 10

A survey will be sent out to all students and employees to collect feedback on the student experience statement and how employees will support the ideal student experience at STCC. The final document will serve as a guiding document for the subsequent strategic planning activities, ensuring alignment between institutional priorities and the ideal student experience at STCC.
Student Focus Group

October 12

STCC students will discuss and compile their ideas and suggestions for STCC’s new Strategic Plan. All students are welcome and appreciated. All participants will receive a gift! Students can register for the event here.
Future Summit

November 16

This half-day mini-conference brings together internal and external stakeholders to learn about future trends associated with key opportunities identified in the SWOT survey. Stakeholders will be engaged in “Ed Talks” to garner baseline knowledge on topics to be considered by STCC as it looks toward the future.
If you are not able to attend an engagement opportunity this fall, there will be more opportunities in the spring. We also, encourage you to reach out to us directly with your thoughts and ideas. Where do you want to see STCC in five years? Is there any critical information or data we should consider? We invite anyone with questions or feedback to share to email us at We will get back to you to answer your question or acknowledge your input. Your feedback is valuable and appreciated.

For more information about the strategic planning process, please see the following webpages.