Single Family Homeowners,

Palm tree trimming will commence during the last week of May 2024. Homeowners can refer to the palm tree trimming 2024 schedule by street, that is on the website in the tab starting with All Landscaping Issues, to determine what Leo Jr intends to trim based upon last years trimming. If changes* are needed, or you are a new homeowner, you can contact Cliff at Leo Jr, 239-986-1740.

Below are the price increases for 2024:


          Queen Palms - $1.00

          Sabal Palms - $1.00

          Chinese Palms - $1.00

The invoice for Leo Jr trimming will be sent to the homeowners by our property manager, Seacrest Southwest Properties.

Hardwood trees that need immediate trimming, preparing for hurricane season, will be trimmed at the expense of the homeowner's association.

Thank you,

Single Family Board of Directors

*Changes are normally trees that have been added or removed or if another landscaper has been used.

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