March 2, 2021
Valerie Donner
"Your Work, Love, Light and Prayers are making a profound difference on the Earth at this time!"

~ Valerie Donner

Straight from the Heart
March 2, 2021
Dear Ground Crew:

Here is the latest message from Apollo from March 1, 2021: “Wake up everyone! Please do not repeat the errors of the past! This is a grand day of recognition. This is the shift of the ages and it requires diligence. Every thought, word, and action matters. Replace the negative with the positive. The dark ones are quivering with fear because they are afraid of you! Yes, they are afraid of you! You are the slippery, spiritual giants they have feared would come after them. Place all of your might, force, and strength into your position of light and hook into it. Take on the spiritual consciousness that you came to the earth to be. Behold, a new day is coming! You are making it happen. Stand tall and be filled with light. We honor and uphold the work that you are doing.”
How was your February, Ground Crew? The consensus from my Ground Crew Zoom Call on February 28, was that February was perhaps the most challenging month of this last year. Mercury retrograde was a tough one, however, it was also the energies that we were being bombarded with from the sun, the photon energies, the consciousness, the lies, the truth and discoveries of the truth, the uncertainty of the times, and the feeling that we continue to be in a holding pattern. On top of that there is a massive amount of fear that continues to keep people in separation. It doesn't necessarily bring out the best in others. The last week in February was particularly difficult for some of us. Those of us who are sensitive felt a solar flare energy that started the third weekend in February. For some, it was challenging to even try to function and focus. It required a lot of rest, balancing and centering of energies. Some are challenged with sleep problems. 
Clearly this is a heart wrenching time. It is also a heart opening opportunity for humanity and each other to shift into higher consciousness. When we look around in the material world, we see restaurants and businesses that are closed and will probably not return. We see the third-dimension dissolving in front of us. We see people who continue to be what we would consider asleep. We have family and friends who are making dangerous choices for themselves according to our belief systems and there is little that we can do about it. We see the cognitive dissonance that prevents those who have been programmed from learning more of the truth.
Do you remember that we came from the future to change this now moment on the earth? The more that we discover the dark schemes, the more truthful the statement becomes. Those of us who are aware bristle when we learn more of the agenda to keep humanity enslaved and controlled. Their agenda will not come to fruition and that is because of us!
It has also been confirmed to me from Archangel Gabriel in a recent session through full body channel Karen Cook, the Masters are here! They are all back! They are loving us, looking over us, providing their glorious light and services for the upliftment of earth into the Golden Age. Our planet is surrounded with positive galactic ships and the light alliance is working diligently to fulfill the Divine Plan.
Although most of us would prefer to have a handle on who is going to do what and when, we are not given the latitude to have this information. You can imagine how this whole scenario is constantly changing. Therefore, when some make predictions about dates and what will happen, we need to check deeply within to see if it feels right. We know some of these informants speak the truth and we also must discern if we believe them or not!
A number of years ago while I was going through a personal crisis, my guide said to me: "If you loved God more you wouldn't be so afraid!” This is key to trusting the Divine Plan and to knowing that all is in the hands of the Creator. We need to remind ourselves that there is a Divine Plan. We are not in control of this plan. Neither are the dark forces in control!
The question remains what can we do about this experience right now? Okay, Ground Crew, how about pulling out your Spiritual Tool Kit? What is in your Spiritual Tool Kit that you have been building over the years of your spiritual awakening? Here's some suggestions you might want to incorporate into your Spiritual Tool Kit:
Spiritual Tool Kit
  • Focus on what brings sweetness and joy to your heart.
  • What touches your soul. 
  • What uplifts you and inspires you? 
  • What brings beauty? 
  • Can you remember the smile on a baby’s face? 
  • What about focusing on cute things that your cat or your dog does? 
  • Or how about enjoying somebody else's child or animal? 
  • How about listening to a beautiful piece of music on YouTube that is 432 Hz or 532Hz? This music has a different frequency because it is a different musical scale, which includes magnificent videos of nature. 
  • What about being in nature or smelling a beautiful flower? Looking at a special tree, or the clouds in the sky, can be uplifting.
  • Singing songs or dancing to music are both healing. 
  • Writing poetry, journaling or just writing something every day can you help rearrange your life. 
  • Talking with other like-minded ground crew is healing and helps connect with community. 
  • Getting creative in the kitchen can be fun and nurturing to body and soul. 
  • Sharing and showing your caring to friends and family is important, especially at this time. 
  • We can intend that even though there are opposing forces, that we will not allow ourselves to separate unless the situation is untenable.
  • Volunteering is good service. 
  • Showing others that you are not in fear is another way of teaching people that they have a choice.
  • Remembering when we are in the 5th dimension, we will all be cooperating and helping each other, so practicing this now is acting as if we are in 5D.
  • Be compassionate with yourself and others. 
  • Love like you have never loved before. 
  • Rise above the challenges and live like you have never lived before. 
  • Appreciate every day and be grateful.
  • Practice peace and calm.
  • Breathe. 
  • Take excellent care of the body by eating healthfully, resting and exercising.
  • Dream dreams for our Golden Age.
  • Live from your heart. 
  • Allow yourself to feel everything and then let go of what no longer serves you.
  • Try Yoga Nidra (

Spiritual Tool Kit 
By Valerie Donner

Look inside.
Follow your heart.
What are the keys 
 For a spiritual jump start?
It's not so hard.
 You can make it up.
What's worked in the past
Can be part of the art.
You don't have to be perfect
In what you decide.
It just has to help 
You feel better inside.
Set up some rules 
For this quiet exchange.
They can be a harbinger 
For a much wider range.
Try to remember
Your spiritual tools.
 You don't want to revert back 
To be feeling like fools.
Whatever works
 Is part of the kit.
 Do it anyway.
 Make up a skit.
This is part 
Of your ascension.
 Get creative 
To be in the fifth dimension.

Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner, March 1, 2021

Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I am still working full-time with the Earth Council. We are quite busy, as you can well imagine.
The energies on your planet are chaotic right now. This requires intense focus for what is occurring. Nothing is happenstance. It is purposeful in this part of realigning the earth energies for ascension.
The same applies to you and your physical bodies. They are messengers of what you need to heal and release in order to rise and take in more light. Some of this clearing is karmic and is from past lives. The more problematic that it seems, could mean that you have to work a little harder and listen more closely to the body for healing. Every situation, even though it seems dire, carries with it a gift, the opportunity for renewal, miracles, and blessings.
Just like the earth, you are ascending and reassessing what you need to do to rise into the light. This involves raising your consciousness, which also assists the earth. The more you become responsible for your consciousness, your words and your actions, you increase the collective consciousness. We understand how challenging this can be when you are going through something major in your lives. Many are challenged deeply right now and are stressed.
Please be assured that this will change as you move into the light and the fifth dimension. Things will get much better and you will have new technologies that will assist you in every aspect of your life. You will all have the abundance you deserve and you will become free! Begin to claim your sovereignty and your freedom now.
You are deserving of the many gifts our Creator wants you to have. You were designed to have fulfilled lives with joy, peace, harmony and balance. You'll begin to see how much easier it will be to manifest everything that you need. Each day will bring you magic and abundance in every way. Synchronicity will delight you. Beauty will surround you. Happiness and heart energy will lead you on your path. Love will be the spiritual energy upon which you thrive. You will be in deep gratitude because you will be free as you were intended to be.
Please let go of the past, for it is over. It will only take you back to something you can't change regardless if it is positive or negative. Let it be complete. Letting go is in preparation for living in the now moment. Higher consciousness is a fluid state and you are beginning to see that you must adjust to being adaptable and fluid these days.
We are a part of your ascension team and you are a part of ours. We work together to achieve our goal, for it is the same. We watch over you, we bless you, and participate in your healing and your guidance. You have already taken back the planet and just have a little longer to realize that.
I am Mira and I love you. 

Other Information
Lee Harris’s March 2021 Energy Report” is excellent. He talks about a “melting heart energy,” “new levels of purpose and peace,” “exhaustion and fatigue.” Some feeling are peaceful and purposeful.
Although February was challenging on every level, there were some times the days flowed smoothly and easily. I liken this to living in 5D.
I have been doing some Mother Mary heart healing's that some are calling “powerful.” I still do spiritual counseling, readings, energy healing, teaching and channelings. You may reach me at: 925-287-8976 or email: I'm still charging my old rates of $60 for a half an hour and $120 for an hour due to the virus.
Your contributions would be most helpful at this time. You can use my PayPal account: Your contributions are greatly appreciated.
In Conclusion
These are wild and crazy times! When we stay centered in our spiritual work, we will maneuver these energies with the powerful forces of light. Every day we will experience blessings if we pay attention. This morning when I went out in my backyard, I heard a little bird singing “Spirit, Spirit, Spirit.” Nature is speaking to us in many different ways. All we have to do is listen to Spirit and remember that Spirit has our back!
Hang in there, Ground Crew, we can do this!
Blessings, Love, and Light,


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