Issue No. 237 | April 21, 2022
Strengthening American Capacity for Effective Engagement
俗语 from Xi Jinping
jīng tāo hài làng

Meaning: stormy seas; great and terrifying waves

Original: 我们要共同应对全球治理挑战。世界各国乘坐在一条命运与共的大船上,要穿越惊涛骇浪、驶向光明未来,必须同舟共济,企图把谁扔下大海都是不可接受的。

Source: In his speech to the Bo'ao Forum, Xi used this chengyu, as well as similar nautical terminology that serves to reinforce the perception of Xi as the Great Helmsman of the Chinese ship of state.
Weekly Reading
This week we present the report on Xi's speech at Bo'ao. We think this is worth a read because it forces you to balance what you see with respect to China's response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine with Xi's outward language of rejecting bloc politics, cold war mentality, and double standards, while respecting territorial sovereignty and integrity, and promoting non-interference. It can be an enormously frustrating read, but important to see how Xi is trying to straddle this widening gap between actions and words.
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